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# Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Category Target version
16235 ncf Bug Released N/A Text & Boxes jump when displaying missing inputs Florian Heigl Vincent MEMBRÉ Technique editor - UI/UX Rudder - 5.0.18 Actions
16240 ncf Bug Resolved N/A Returning to technique editor almost always reports unsaved changes Florian Heigl Raphael GAUTHIER Technique editor - UI/UX Rudder - 5.0.18 Actions
16646 Rudder Bug Rejected N/A missing selinux label Florian Heigl Packaging Rudder - 6.0.6 Actions
16662 ncf Bug Resolved N/A Centos8 python3 compat? Florian Heigl Félix DALLIDET Generic methods - Package Management Actions
8810 Rudder User story Resolved N/A Include rudder-cli with server packages Florian Heigl Packaging Rudder - Ideas (not version specific) Actions
9739 Rudder Bug Rejected N/A Node rename did not update ACLs and other parts of Florian Heigl Web - Config management Rudder - 4.1.24 Actions
16234 ncf Bug Rejected N/A Technique import doesn't fill all info, manual fixes for known info Florian Heigl Technique editor - UI/UX Rudder - 6.0.0 Actions
16243 Rudder Bug Rejected N/A SUSE inventory signing Florian Heigl Agent Actions
16244 Rudder Bug Rejected N/A sudoManagement on SLES15 not working Florian Heigl Alexis MOUSSET Techniques Rudder - 5.0.15 Actions
16247 ncf Bug Rejected N/A Package state SLES15 no worky Florian Heigl Generic methods - Package Management Rudder - 6.0.0 Actions
16246 Rudder Bug Rejected N/A sshkeymanagement sles15 no worky Florian Heigl Techniques Rudder - 6.0.0 Actions
14888 Rudder Bug Released N/A Broken ubuntu version detection in apt settings technique with 5.0+ agents Florian Heigl Alexis MOUSSET Techniques Rudder - 5.0.11 Actions
8090 Rudder User story Rejected N/A Be able to export results Florian Heigl Web - Nodes & inventories Rudder - Ideas (not version specific) Actions
5797 Rudder User story Rejected N/A Inventory transport protocol (http vs https) should be configurable in the web interface Florian Heigl Web - Maintenance Rudder - Ideas (not version specific) Actions
11616 Rudder Bug Rejected N/A API tokens are not evaluated indepently of LDAP credentials Florian Heigl François ARMAND Architecture - Internal libs Actions
12740 ncf User story Released N/A Make conditions visible in the Technique editor Florian Heigl Raphael GAUTHIER Technique editor - UI/UX Rudder - 4.3.8 Actions
13406 Rudder Bug Rejected N/A Race condition on reinstall of packages triggers re-conversion of old LDAP BDB files to LMDB Florian Heigl Server components Actions
8008 ncf Bug Released N/A Scheduler classes have incomplete labels Florian Heigl Alexis MOUSSET Generic methods Rudder - 4.1.17 Actions
11318 Rudder Bug Released N/A rudder remote run error, and unable to pass -i option Florian Heigl Nicolas CHARLES Agent Rudder - 4.1.17 Actions
13795 Rudder Bug Released N/A Remove old "machyne type" api Rest typo since it should not be called anymore Florian Heigl François ARMAND API Rudder - 4.1.17 Actions
10751 Rudder Bug Released N/A Add a warn message when agent run is incomplete Florian Heigl Benoît PECCATTE Agent Rudder - 4.3.7 Actions
13788 Rudder Bug Released N/A Agent should depend on a logging system on SUSE Florian Heigl Alexis MOUSSET Packaging Rudder - 4.3.7 Actions
11721 Rudder Bug Rejected N/A cf-served seems to not work in audit mode Florian Heigl System techniques Actions
13766 Rudder Bug Rejected N/A 5.0 agent on ubuntu 18 not able to connect to 4.3 master Florian Heigl Agent Rudder - 5.0.3 Actions
12192 Rudder Question Resolved N/A Why does disabling Change Requests not require validation? Florian Heigl Web - Config management Actions
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