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18465 Authentication backends Bug New N/A AD (LDAP) login are case insensitive (but not in Rudder) François ARMAND Elaad FURREEDAN Actions
18254 CIS Bug New N/A Wong group for "CIS - 6.1.3 - debian9 - Ensure permissions on /etc/shadow are configured" Guillaume BON Actions
18253 CIS Bug New N/A Rule "CIS - 1.5.4 - debian9 - Ensure prelink is disabled" use rpm instead of dpkg. Guillaume BON Actions
18252 CIS Bug New N/A For "CIS - 5.1.3 - debian9 - Ensure permissions on /etc/cron.hourly are configured", wrong permission used. Guillaume BON Actions
18251 CIS Bug New N/A Rule "1.1.2 Ensure /tmp is configured" "1.1.3 Ensure nodev option set on /tmp partition" "1.1.4 Ensure nosuid option set on /tmp partition" "1.1.5 Ensure noexec option set on /tmp partition" are missing Guillaume BON Actions
18247 Rudder tools Bug Pending technical review N/A Use localhost if no url is set and a local token exist Nicolas CHARLES Alexis Mousset Actions
18244 Rudder Bug New N/A Technique's method reported as missing but should be ignored by a condition PB LO Techniques Actions
18134 Rudder Bug New N/A Missing logs when the technique "checkFileContent" is used in 6.0 with only regex replacement enabled Félix DALLIDET Nicolas CHARLES Techniques Actions
17188 Rudder Bug New N/A When using checkGenericFileContent with only a path and no content, it creates the file but does not report any repaired Alexis Mousset Techniques Actions
16851 Rudder Bug New N/A Deleted node can't be added again Jean Cardona Web - Nodes & inventories Actions
16579 Centreon Bug New N/A centreon.plugin requests Not found pascal legrand Félix DALLIDET Actions
16497 Zabbix Bug New N/A bug with Zabbix plugin on the 5.0 branch regarding apply-configuration operation Matthew Frost Benoît PECCATTE Actions
16219 Rudder Bug New N/A methods to apply ACL permissions is not recursive Jeremy CHAMPEL Félix DALLIDET Web - Technique editor Actions
14774 Change validation Bug New N/A Change validation plugin doesn't compile with 5.0.10 Nicolas CHARLES Actions
13937 Rudder Bug New N/A Permission broken in /var/rudder/conf-repo/ncf/{hooks.d, 50_tech} François ARMAND System integration Actions
13280 Rudder Bug New N/A multiple line for user in technique sudoers Maxime Longuet Techniques Actions
12914 Rudder Bug New N/A Windows agent windows syntax to use variable is different than the linux one Félix DALLIDET Web - Config management Actions
11093 Rudder tools Bug New N/A PostGreSql config path in scripts/ should be set according to the used OS. Raphael GAUTHIER Vincent MEMBRÉ Rudder dev tools Actions
10858 Rudder Bug New N/A rudder-server-relay does not clean up apache includes on removal Janos Mattyasovszky Packaging Actions
9682 Change validation Bug New N/A Broken change request when changing policy mode Alexis Mousset Actions
8418 Rudder Bug New N/A Configuration files do not get updated when user has modified the stock ones Janos Mattyasovszky System integration Actions
8119 Rudder tools Bug New N/A Unexpected keyword "priority" Alexis Mousset Rudder API & CLI Actions
22109 Rudder User story New N/A Create an empty resource file from technique editor Benoît PECCATTE Web - UI & UX Actions
21376 Rudder User story New N/A Global parameters offers way more options thant group properties at creation Félix DALLIDET Actions
20705 Rudder User story New N/A Include hard conditions in rudder inventory Benoît PECCATTE Web - Nodes & inventories Actions
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