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# Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Category Target version
21724 API Authorizations Bug New N/A Categories can't be folded in ACL API with authorization plugin François ARMAND Rudder plugins - 7.2 Actions
21723 Rudder Bug New N/A Multi-plugin install with rudder package fails without explanation when one plugin fails François ARMAND Plugin manager cli Rudder - 7.2.3 Actions
21722 Rudder Bug New N/A Missing log/info when installing multiple plugins François ARMAND Plugin manager cli Rudder - 7.2.3 Actions
21720 Rudder Bug New N/A All file creation/move are logged at info level by cfengine in 7.2-rc1 François ARMAND Agent Rudder - 7.2.3 Actions
21709 Rudder Bug Bug #21707 New N/A Archive import does not regenerate techniques François ARMAND Web - Config management Rudder - 7.2.3 Actions
21702 Rudder Bug New N/A Event logs don't show the diff for directive update Nicolas CHARLES Web - Config management Rudder - 7.1.9 Actions
21683 Rudder Bug New N/A Shadow overlapping on first menu entry Elaad FURREEDAN Web - UI & UX Rudder - 7.1.9 Actions
21681 Rudder Bug New N/A display of compliance in node list is not great when there are error and unknow Nicolas CHARLES Web - Compliance & node report Rudder - 7.2.3 Actions
21668 Rudder Bug New N/A tooltips in the rules page persist when switching content Alexis Mousset Web - UI & UX Rudder - 7.1.9 Actions
21638 Rudder Bug New N/A The rules page does not work with a "configuration role" Alexis Mousset Web - Config management Actions
21635 Rudder Bug New N/A Hooks page looks broken Alexis Mousset Web - UI & UX Rudder - 7.2.3 Actions
21556 Rudder Bug New N/A When there is a carriage return in a method condition, it is extremely hard to know why we can't save Nicolas CHARLES Web - UI & UX Rudder - 7.1.9 Actions
21533 Rudder Bug New N/A rudder-jetty service does not fail when the webapp can not start Félix DALLIDET Server components Rudder - 7.1.9 Actions
21511 Rudder Bug New N/A Drag'n'dropping groups in categories doesn't work Nicolas CHARLES Elaad FURREEDAN Web - UI & UX Rudder - 6.2.21 Actions
21497 Rudder Bug New N/A inventory of node behind relay has been sent every 10 seconds to the server Nicolas CHARLES Relay server or API Rudder - 7.1.9 Actions
21496 Rudder Bug New N/A the script to trigger policy execution automatically at generation doesn't trigger on relays Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 7.3.0~alpha1 Actions
21489 Rudder Bug New N/A rudder server node-to-relay should remind to set the authorized network Nicolas CHARLES Web - UI & UX Rudder - 7.1.9 Actions
21460 Rudder Bug New N/A Give more feedback to the user when selecting groups to apply on a Rule Raphael GAUTHIER Web - UI & UX Rudder - 7.1.9 Actions
21444 Rudder Bug New N/A getting the list of directives that would apply to a pending node is painfully slow Nicolas CHARLES Performance and scalability Rudder - 6.2.21 Actions
21431 Rudder Bug New N/A Error with parameters expansion for node Nicolas Ecarnot Techniques Rudder - Ideas (not version specific) Actions
21425 Rudder Bug New N/A relay documentation doesn't include how to connect the relay to the rudder server Nicolas CHARLES Documentation Rudder - 7.1.9 Actions
21417 Rudder Bug New N/A there is a space before all texts in the node details page, so copy and paste include it Nicolas CHARLES Web - UI & UX Rudder - 7.1.9 Actions
21392 Rudder Bug New N/A Command execution parameter does not support formatting with tabs and new line François ARMAND Generic methods Actions
21389 Rudder Bug New N/A Concurrent change to a directive/groups/etc are lost without notification François ARMAND Web - UI & UX Actions
21388 Rudder Bug New N/A Documentation doesn't state how to install AIX plugin/agent Nicolas CHARLES Documentation Rudder - 6.2.21 Actions
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