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# Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Category Target version
19512 Rudder Enhancement New N/A When hostname is invalid in an inventory the log message says the tag is missing Alexis Mousset Web - Nodes & inventories Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
19189 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Missing Content-Type in some requests Elaad FURREEDAN Elaad FURREEDAN Documentation Rudder - 6.2.20 Actions
18896 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Disable regenerate button is generation is disabled, show delay if defined Vincent MEMBRÉ Web - Config management Rudder - 6.2.20 Actions
18870 Rudder Enhancement New N/A When opening a subsection in doc menu points to the top Benoît PECCATTE Raphael GAUTHIER Documentation Rudder - 6.2.20 Actions
18863 Rudder Enhancement New N/A License expiration message for plugin can be improved Alexis Mousset Plugins integration Rudder - 6.2.20 Actions
18858 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Rudder agent check must also check certificate CN Benoît PECCATTE Agent Rudder - 7.1.7 Actions
18857 Rudder Enhancement In progress N/A Rudder agent check should check that agent keys matches agent certificate Benoît PECCATTE Benoît PECCATTE Agent Rudder - 6.2.20 Actions
18817 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Monitor unreference software size François ARMAND Web - Maintenance Rudder - 6.2.20 Actions
18734 Rudder Enhancement New 3 Filter in compliance reports only filter on rule, not on directive Nicolas CHARLES Web - Compliance & node report Rudder - 6.2.20 Actions
18642 Rudder Enhancement New 5 Missing fonts on loading page François ARMAND Raphael GAUTHIER Web - UI & UX Rudder - 6.2.20 Actions
18586 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Write documentation for the methods that do not have one Félix DALLIDET Félix DALLIDET Documentation Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
18332 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Document apache httpd configuration files Alexis Mousset Documentation Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
18331 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Compress agent output files Alexis Mousset Alexis Mousset Agent Rudder - 7.3.0~alpha1 Actions
18305 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Agent always ouput "Reports sent." at the end of normal run Nicolas CHARLES Agent Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
17920 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Notifications in the technique editor are always over the menu button Félix DALLIDET Raphael GAUTHIER Web - Technique editor Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
17841 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Last seen is order by alphabetical rather than by date Nicolas CHARLES Web - UI & UX Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
17624 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Unclear error message for rudder package list --all when update was not done Nicolas CHARLES Plugins integration Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
17123 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Package check installed should use the package methods to test either a package is installed or not Félix DALLIDET Generic methods Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
17087 Rudder Enhancement New N/A A empty page with just the node hostname is displayed after deleting a Node Vincent MEMBRÉ Web - UI & UX Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
16941 Rudder Enhancement New N/A delete entries from nodes_info when a node is deleted Nicolas CHARLES Web - Maintenance Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
16696 Rudder Enhancement New N/A when we want to add a new allowed network, we can save even if we didn't "+" the network Nicolas CHARLES Web - Config management Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
16418 Rudder Enhancement New N/A The reset button in method form only applies to parameters but is displayed on all tabs Alexis Mousset Web - Technique editor Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
16251 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Improve message when using a wrong syntax for a node property in technique editor Vincent MEMBRÉ Web - Config management Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
16075 Rudder tools Enhancement New N/A We should not require patching the system python stdlib to make rudder-dev work Alexis Mousset Rudder dev tools Rudder tools - master Actions
15563 Rudder Enhancement New N/A Event log of config export include a commiterEmail, but there's no info on how to set it Nicolas CHARLES Web - Config management Rudder - 6.1.22 Actions
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