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# Target version Subject Assignee Pull Request
  Rudder - 5.0.16 6 Collapse all/Expand all
14369 Rudder - 5.0.16 timezone technique does not support systemd Nicolas CHARLES Actions
7288 Rudder - 5.0.16 Policy does not get deleted when changing relays François ARMAND Actions
16078 Rudder - 5.0.16 Applying directives using the exact same GM with same parameters will always result in missing reports Alexis MOUSSET Actions
16283 Rudder - 5.0.16 we are always computing compliance and byNodes on RuleStatusReport, even when it's not necessay François ARMAND Actions
16362 Rudder - 5.0.16 cannot uninstall rudder-jetty on centos7 if it's not started Alexis MOUSSET Actions
15783 Rudder - 5.0.16 Make class_prefix unique Nicolas CHARLES Actions
  CIS - 6.0-1.0 1 Collapse all/Expand all
16103 CIS - 6.0-1.0 Add a CIS category and put everything in it Félix DALLIDET Actions
  Rudder - 6.0.1 14 Collapse all/Expand all
15558 Rudder - 6.0.1 "Technique diverges" popup is broken Vincent MEMBRÉ Actions
16101 Rudder - 6.0.1 Technique editor truncate the text in the generic method, even if the space is available to print it Vincent MEMBRÉ Actions
16113 Rudder - 6.0.1 Title are too big in doc blocks of the settings page Vincent MEMBRÉ Actions
16116 Rudder - 6.0.1 When syslog reporting is disabled, we should also remove remove_limits.conf from rsyslog config Nicolas CHARLES Actions
16330 Rudder - 6.0.1 Make Result condition fields more readable Vincent MEMBRÉ Actions
16334 Rudder - 6.0.1 More generic lib binding of the rudder-lang tester script Benoît PECCATTE Actions
16382 Rudder - 6.0.1 Improve performance of policy generation writer Nicolas CHARLES Actions
16383 Rudder - 6.0.1 Cannot import technique with missing component in 6.0 François ARMAND Actions
16398 Rudder - 6.0.1 Rudder-pkg fails to show installed plugins when they are not available in the configurated repo if any Benoît PECCATTE Actions
16406 Rudder - 6.0.1 Wrong vertical alignement of numerous items Vincent MEMBRÉ Actions
16409 Rudder - 6.0.1 Fixing tests after change in class used in rudder_reporting François ARMAND Actions
14384 Rudder - 6.0.1 Update mvn direct call in rudder-webapp package makefile Alexis MOUSSET Actions
15964 Rudder - 6.0.1 Improve display of status in technical logs table François ARMAND Actions
16331 Rudder - 6.0.1 Rename "Rudder" to "RUDDER" in doc titles Félix DALLIDET Actions
  Rudder tools - master 2 Collapse all/Expand all
15052 Rudder tools - master Document issue with openssl versions during rudder upgrade Alexis MOUSSET Actions
15602 Rudder tools - master Create a script to generate all inventories data Alexis MOUSSET Actions

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