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# Category Status Subject Priority Effort required Assignee Author Target version Project
18016 Web - Technique editor In progress When technique creation fails, it is still displayed in editor 112 Very Small Raphael GAUTHIER François ARMAND Rudder - 6.1.4 Rudder Actions
18009 Generic methods - File Management Pending technical review File in INI section method does not work as intended 100 Small Alexis MOUSSET Félix DALLIDET Rudder - 5.0.19 ncf Actions
17878 Plugins integration New All plugins are disabled after a minor upgrade 100 Félix DALLIDET Félix DALLIDET Rudder Actions
14371 Web - Technique editor New At least on windows, technique editor parameters can not handle "_" char 98 Small Félix DALLIDET Félix DALLIDET Rudder - 5.0.19 Rudder Actions
18073 Packaging New SLES 15 Rudder 6.0.8 war is an HTML error text 94 François ARMAND Rudder - 6.0.8 Rudder Actions
14372 Web - Technique editor New Ncf techniques used in windows can not start with a numerical char 85 Vincent MEMBRÉ Félix DALLIDET Rudder - 6.0.9 Rudder Actions
15024 Web - Technique editor In progress It should be forbidden to create a user technique with the same name as n existing technique 82 Very Small Elaad FURREEDAN Benoît PECCATTE Rudder - 6.1.4 Rudder Actions
13890 Web - Technique editor New Constant error message in Technique Editor when an invalid technique as been created 82 Very Small Vincent MEMBRÉ Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 5.0.19 Rudder Actions
18049 Web - Config management New Impossible to define group properties in group of groups 80 Very Small François ARMAND Félix DALLIDET Rudder - 6.1.4 Rudder Actions
14488 Web - Maintenance New "Archive everything" in Rudder commits everything in /var/rudder/configuration-repository 78 Very Small François ARMAND Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 5.0.19 Rudder Actions
16432 System integration New slapd configuration is not correctly updated during migration from 5.0 to 6.0 76 Benoît PECCATTE François ARMAND Rudder Actions
17800 Server components New Some GM are skipped on the windows agent 75 Félix DALLIDET Rudder - 6.0.9 Rudder Actions
17799 Agent New Windows agent should honor VERIFY_CERTIFICATE setting 75 Alexis MOUSSET Rudder - 6.1.4 Rudder Actions
16204 Performance and scalability New Lots of new inventories leads to "can't get LDAP connection from pool" exception 75 François ARMAND Rudder - 5.0.19 Rudder Actions
17004 Techniques New multiple instance of a technique applied to a single node can lead to missing reports 72 Tim Taler Rudder - 6.0.9 Rudder Actions
16927 Techniques New Rudder deleting authorized_keys when / is full and 'Flush SSH' enabled 72 Romain Brucker Rudder - 5.0.19 Rudder Actions
16192 New Add documentation on what is and what does a relay 72 Félix DALLIDET Scale-out relay - 5.0-1.4 Scale-out relay Actions
16853 Generic methods New It's not possible to use variable_string_from_math_expression when result is larger than 999999999 71 Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 5.0.19 ncf Actions
17857 Packaging New error when installing rudder server 6.0.8~rc1~git202006290335-debian9 70 Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 6.0.9 Rudder Actions
17846 New Directive parameters are not passed to DSC Agent command_execution when it contains an underscore _ 70 Bas B Rudder Actions
15991 Web - Config management New When creating a new directive, the last version of the technique is not chosen 69 Very Small François ARMAND Rudder - 5.0.19 Rudder Actions
17271 Techniques New Cloned technique contains random resources 68 Vincent MEMBRÉ Bernd Wolf Rudder - 6.0.9 Rudder Actions
17250 System techniques New Webapp does not regerate policies when webdav password is changed, breaking inventories after 5.0 -> 6.0 upgrade 68 Alexis MOUSSET Victor Héry Rudder - 6.0.9 Rudder Actions
14927 Documentation New Embedded "getting started" previous/next links lead to 404 67 Armand Sylvain Armand Sylvain Rudder - 5.0.19 Rudder Actions
14655 Agent New When Rudder is shut down because there isn't enough free space, it's not easy to know WHY it was shut down 67 Very Small Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 5.0.19 Rudder Actions
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