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14258 Performance and scalability Pending technical review check-rudder-agent runs every 5 minutes exactly by cron, and can cause spike in resource usage 100 Small Benoît PECCATTE Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.1.20 Rudder
14312 Security New Missing eventlogs for technique editor action and technique update 94 François ARMAND François ARMAND Rudder - 5.0.7 Rudder
14281 System integration New Error at rudder restart liftActor:NoClassDefFoundError 84 François ARMAND Félix DALLIDET Rudder - 4.3.10 Rudder
12440 New When the api authorization plugin is disabled tokens become read only 82 Very Small François ARMAND Benoît PECCATTE API Authorizations - 4.3-1.3 API Authorizations
13866 Web - Nodes & inventories New Invalid json in Rudder inventory hooks fails to log the problem 81 Benoît PECCATTE François ARMAND Rudder - 4.3.10 Rudder
13716 Generic methods New monitoring.csv accumulate temporary files that can blow up the filesystem 72 Félix DALLIDET Alexis MOUSSET Rudder - 4.3.10 ncf
12137 System techniques New Missing "update" reports on node 69 Nicolas CHARLES Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.3.10 Rudder
13890 Web - Technique editor New Constant error message in Technique Editor when an invalid technique as been created 68 Vincent MEMBRÉ Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.3.10 Rudder
14342 System techniques In progress Connection cache does not work accross bundles 67 Small Alexis MOUSSET Alexis MOUSSET Rudder - 4.3.10 Rudder
13892 Web - Nodes & inventories New Once added, we don't know if a node property is json or string 65 Small François ARMAND François ARMAND Rudder - 4.1.20 Rudder
14331 Web - Config management Discussion We are forced to wait agent next run before getting a newly generated policy applied 64 Medium François ARMAND François ARMAND Rudder - 5.0.7 Rudder
12825 Web - Config management New Adding a parameter to an existing technique in technique editor without updating directives leads to unexpanded variable name 61 Medium François ARMAND Matthew Frost Rudder - 4.3.10 Rudder
6403 System integration New Postgresql misconfigured when not the default distrib package (ex: Centos 6 with Postgresql 9.3 from 59 Nicolas CHARLES emb3dd3d server Rudder - 4.1.20 Rudder
11126 Packaging New ncf-api-virtualenv does not have a group created 58 Very Small Janos Mattyasovszky Rudder
11616 Architecture - Internal libs New API tokens are not evaluated indepently of LDAP credentials 58 François ARMAND Florian Heigl Rudder
13280 Techniques New multiple line for user in technique sudoers 58 Medium Maxime Longuet Rudder
9788 Web - Config management New Changing a Directive from "Inherit Standard" to "Audit only" does not show a Diff in CR-Mode enabled 56 Small Janos Mattyasovszky Rudder - 4.1.20 Rudder
5768 Web - Nodes & inventories New Bad "last seen" time when the timezone given by java does not matches the system one 55 Small Matthieu CERDA Rudder - Ideas (not version specific) Rudder
12694 Generic methods New In Rudder 4.1, we cannot do reporting using a variable defined in a generic method 55 Medium Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.1.12 ncf
4828 Web - Config management New Updating Techniques with error says on the Web Interface that everything is fine, even if it's not 54 Very Small Nicolas CHARLES Rudder
10423 System techniques New Random missing "update" reports on Relay 54 Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.1.20 Rudder
13941 Packaging New Bad LDAP credential after upgrading to 5.0 51 Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.3.10 Rudder
1721 Web - Nodes & inventories New Inventories passed to the endpoint get lost if jetty is restarted before the inventory was completely handled 50 Jonathan CLARKE Rudder - Ideas (not version specific) Rudder
2274 System integration New rudder-inventory-endpoint can't run without rudder-server-root package because it misses logback.xml 50 Very Small Nicolas PERRON Rudder - 4.1.20 Rudder
11612 Web - Nodes & inventories New Missing group criteria 50 Alexander Brunhirl Rudder
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