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# Priority Project Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Effort required Tags
12440 82 API Authorizations New N/A When the api authorization plugin is disabled tokens become read only François ARMAND API Authorizations - 4.3-1.3 Very Small
11126 58 Rudder New N/A ncf-api-virtualenv does not have a group created Packaging Very Small
4828 54 Rudder New 2 Updating Techniques with error says on the Web Interface that everything is fine, even if it's not Web - Config management Very Small
2274 50 Rudder New 2 rudder-inventory-endpoint can't run without rudder-server-root package because it misses logback.xml System integration Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
13508 48 Rudder New N/A JS Error when setting the "Send anonymous usage statistics " value Web - Maintenance Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
6416 46 Rudder New 2 Roles are not deleted in the Rudder web Interface if the role is deleted from the node Server components Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
12269 43 Rudder New N/A Regex in metadata.xml don't match when using . Techniques Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
10015 42 Rudder New N/A Document the usage of environment variables during installation Documentation Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
13778 0 Scale-out relay New N/A Policy server status is not used to decide if a policy generation is needed Scale-out relay - 5.0-1.2 Very Small
13657 0 Rudder New N/A Script rudder-support-info does not mask credentials Agent Very Small
13656 0 Rudder New N/A Script rudder-support-info does not find jetty running Agent Very Small
13612 0 Rudder New N/A The file from Rudder server technique may change permission of the destination parent directory instead of the file Techniques Rudder - 4.3.10 Very Small
13611 0 Rudder New N/A Error from search bar are not displayed in UI Web - UI & UX Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
13598 0 ncf New N/A File copy from Rudder shared folder does not allow empty hash parameter Félix DALLIDET Generic methods Rudder - 4.3.10 Very Small
13531 0 Rudder New N/A Audit/Enforce button in directive page should be similar than node page Raphael GAUTHIER Web - Config management Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
13513 0 Rudder New N/A Fonts changed in Rudder 5.0 in table Raphael GAUTHIER Web - UI & UX Rudder - 5.0.7 Very Small
13478 0 Rudder New N/A Mandatory logs message are not mandatory for group creation. Web - Config management Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
12715 0 Rudder New N/A API generate sometimes error 500 when try create or update a directive API Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
11917 0 Rudder New N/A No compliance from a Rule with only one Directive, based on a Technique made with Technique Editor, when the Directive is also applied in another Rule Web - Compliance & node report Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
11722 0 Rudder New N/A If node is a policy server, "Agent run interval" property should be grey out Raphael GAUTHIER Web - Nodes & inventories Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
11299 0 Rudder New N/A There is no correct error handling in rpkg Packaging Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
11101 0 Rudder New N/A Plugin id on plugin page is a bit rough Plugins integration Rudder - 4.3.10 Very Small
11086 0 Rudder New N/A File content directive - Line replacement regex in audit mode reports error Agent Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small
9445 0 Rudder New N/A If we filter event logs with only a start or end date, we get a super ugly error Web - Maintenance Rudder - 4.1.20 Very Small

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