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16767 Rudder Bug New no https reporting after upgrade from 6.0.2 to 6.0.3 on centos7 Nicolas CHARLES Relay server or API Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16765 Rudder Bug In progress We should not display logs about password creation by htpasswd in relay postinst Alexis MOUSSET Packaging Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16762 Rudder Bug In progress Inconsistent path for nodeslist.pem Alexis MOUSSET Packaging Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16754 Scale-out relay Bug New TLS connection error to a fresh relay François ARMAND Scale-out relay - 6.0-1.4 Actions
16746 Rudder Bug New multiple warning about file deletion when upgrading from 5.0 to 6.0 on centos 7 Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16745 Rudder Bug In progress when upgrding rudder from 5.0 to 6.0, the rudder-pkg restaure pkg cannot restart correctly Jetty, so rudder-upgrade doesn't checkk compatibility, and rudder cannot start Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16742 Rudder Bug New Remote run output truncated Vincent MEMBRÉ Web - UI & UX Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16741 Rudder Bug New Policies do not seem to be regenerated when a node change its policy server Félix DALLIDET Server components Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16740 Rudder Bug New Deployment issues on Ubuntu 16 servers (Open SSL) Samuel Chesnel Server components Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16739 Rudder Bug New Error when refusing a node Félix DALLIDET Server components Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16738 Datasources Bug New Duplicate API method name leads to doc/tool error François ARMAND Datasources - 5.0-1.7 Actions
16725 Rudder Bug New Directive 'Processes' Number of processes cannot be a property sr57 none Actions
16718 Rudder Bug New Error on settings Page for "Trigger immediate update of nodes when their configuration changes" on Rudder -.0 Nicolas CHARLES Web - Config management Rudder - 6.0.4 Getting started - demo | first install | Technique editor and level 1 Techniques Actions
16706 Rudder Bug New Hosts local entries techniques fails in Audit mode Nicolas CHARLES Techniques Rudder - 5.0.17 Actions
16704 Rudder Bug New When policies are invalid (like, during an upgrade), execd and serverd restarts every 10 secondes Nicolas CHARLES Agent Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16699 Rudder Bug New Error messages while upgrading from 5.0.16.rc1.git202002060302-1.EL.7 to 6.0.3.rc1.git202002100103-1.EL.7 Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16696 Rudder Bug New when we want to add a new allowed network, we can save even if we didn't "+" the network Nicolas CHARLES Web - Config management Rudder - 5.0.17 Actions
16695 ncf Bug New file_ensure_key_value_option does not escape well the speciall chars when used with the no_space option Félix DALLIDET Generic methods Rudder - 5.0.17 Actions
16694 Rudder Bug New SNMP installation uses deprecated package method, and it reports an error even though it works Nicolas CHARLES Techniques Rudder - 5.0.17 Actions
16691 ncf Bug New "Technique diverges" bug still persists Raphael GAUTHIER Technique editor - UI/UX Rudder - 6.1.0~alpha1 Actions
16687 Rudder Bug New With a less priviledge user, you can click on utilities and it leads to 404 François ARMAND Web - UI & UX Rudder - 5.0.17 Actions
16678 Rudder Bug New Network requierement are invalid in the doc Nicolas CHARLES Documentation Rudder - 6.0.4 Actions
16676 Rudder Bug New prevent users to add variable interpolation to parameters input from the technique editor Gaëtan POBLON Web - Technique editor Rudder - 6.1.0~alpha1 Minor - inconvenience | misleading | easy workaround Actions
16675 Rudder Bug New rudder-metrics-reportng doesn't work great with 5 000 nodes Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 5.0.17 Actions
16670 Rudder Bug New When a node is disabled, there are error logs during policy generation about inconsistency Nicolas CHARLES Web - Maintenance Rudder - 5.0.17 Actions
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