Release review 6.0.3

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16753 Bug shared-files api put files in the wrong path Bug #16641 Actions
16744 Bug Relays in 5.0 managed by a 6.0 root server are unable to send their reports Actions
16735 Bug When upgrading from 5.0 to 6.0 (on centos7), incompatible plugins are not disabled Actions
16719 Bug Missing event name for rudder.log.eventType.names.RudderVerifyCertificates Bug #16354 Actions
16715 Bug We still talk about cmdb-endpoint in rudder 6.0 properties Actions
16710 Bug In HTTPS + syslog mode, agents without the http support (like 5.0) don't have their syslog configured Actions
16709 Bug Missing "inventories" API documentation Actions
16708 Bug Inventory workflow schema is not up to date in 6.0 Actions
16707 Bug After upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0 on centos7, rudder-slapd is not started Actions
16703 Bug Method "exist_or_restore" in rudder agent check outputs an error message if the backup doesn't exist Actions
16700 Bug garbled generated policies in 6.0 Actions
16698 Bug Getfacl warning at upgrade time Actions
16673 Bug Avoid Seq[Node] in place of NodeSeq with updated version of scala-xml Bug #16578 Actions
16657 Bug Hash type parsing in shared-files is broken Bug #16549 Actions
16655 Bug Missing logs in relay API when an unexpected error occurs Bug #16549 Actions
16648 Bug Missing logs in shared-files API Bug #16549 Actions
16647 Bug Wrong category used when migrating a technique User story #16599 Actions
16645 Bug Command parameter should not be called "Command name" Actions
16644 Bug Parsing error of agent output Actions
16642 Bug Restart rudder-jetty at the end of rudder-webapp postinst Actions
16641 Bug Error 404 when accessing shared-files (relayd) Bug #16549 Actions
16639 Bug Plugins architecture documentation is hard to find Actions
16631 Bug Webapp postinst script in upgrade can fail with an agent error Actions
16627 User story Remove agent type from node details Actions
16624 Bug Missing log when inventory signature check fails Actions
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