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13964 Rudder Bug New N/A error in inventory on sles12 Félix DALLIDET Agent Rudder - 5.0.4
13941 Rudder Bug New N/A Broken Rudder after upgrading from 4.2 to 5.0, Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 4.3.8
13937 Rudder Bug New N/A Permission broken in /var/rudder/conf-repo/ncf/{hooks.d, 50_tech} François ARMAND System integration
13936 Rudder Bug Bug #13935 New N/A Technique "File content" silently ignore content if we use unset variables Nicolas CHARLES Techniques Rudder - 4.3.8
13935 Rudder Bug New N/A When we use undefined variable in directive or technique editor, the policy is silently skipped Nicolas CHARLES Agent Rudder - 5.0.4
13921 ncf Bug New N/A Error instead of repair with "Permission (non recursive)" method Alexis MOUSSET Generic methods - File Management
13915 Rudder Bug New N/A Missing documentation for "state" and "policymode" parameter expansion François ARMAND Documentation Rudder - 4.3.8
13913 Rudder Bug New N/A Logs full of WARN Attribute 'apiAuthorizationKind' or 'expirationTimestamp' is defined for API account but it will be ignored François ARMAND François ARMAND API Rudder - 4.3.8
13912 ncf User story New N/A Lint JSON objects in variable_dict Florian Heigl Technique editor - UI/UX
13906 Rudder Bug New N/A rudder-agent 4.3.6 does not install correctly from Debian 9.6 Installer Oliver Brandmueller Agent
13901 Rudder User story New N/A Node Search history Florian Heigl Web - Nodes & inventories
13899 GLPI User story New N/A Allow to filter packages loaded into GLPi François ARMAND
13898 Rudder Bug New N/A Search in directive library doesn't print everything Jeremy CHAMPEL Web - Config management
13894 ncf Bug New N/A ncf technique can trigger every cfengine pass and break their reporting in specifics cases Félix DALLIDET Generic methods Rudder - 5.0.4
13893 Rudder Bug New N/A User & group Rudder are not correctly removed when removing Rudder 5.0 on SLES12 Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 5.0.4
13892 Rudder Bug New N/A Once added, we don't know if a node property is json or string François ARMAND Web - Nodes & inventories Rudder - 4.1.18
13890 Rudder Bug New N/A Constant error message in Technique Editor when an invalid technique as been created Nicolas CHARLES Web - Technique editor Rudder - 4.3.8
13886 Rudder Bug New N/A New inventory not accepted when deleted inventory with "undefined" key status deleted François ARMAND François ARMAND Web - Nodes & inventories Rudder - 4.1.18
13884 Rudder Bug New N/A Cannot find dependencies when disabling a Technique Nicolas CHARLES Techniques Rudder - 4.3.8
13881 Datasources Bug New N/A Build error on Centos: missing antlr version François ARMAND François ARMAND Datasources - 5.0-1.6
13877 ncf Bug New N/A using mustache templating with the wrong syntax can lead to broken cfengine Félix DALLIDET Alexis MOUSSET Generic methods Rudder - 4.1.18
13870 Rudder Bug New N/A Rudder properties lies about Git option for configuration- repository François ARMAND François ARMAND Web - Config management Rudder - 4.3.8
13866 Rudder Bug New N/A Invalid json in Rudder inventory hooks fails to log the problem François ARMAND Web - Nodes & inventories Rudder - 4.1.18
13849 Rudder Bug New N/A Cron technique doesn't work in slackware Benoît PECCATTE Techniques Rudder - 4.3.8
13847 Rudder Architecture New N/A Cleanup postinstall Benoît PECCATTE Packaging Rudder - 5.1.0~alpha1
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