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Rudder Developer 2020-03-13
ncf Developer 2020-03-13
Rudder plugins Developer 2020-03-13
API Authorizations Developer 2020-03-13
Authentication backends Developer 2020-03-13
Branding Developer 2020-03-13
Centreon Developer 2020-03-13
Change validation Developer 2020-03-13
CIS Developer 2020-03-13
Consul Developer 2020-04-06
Datasources Developer 2020-03-13
GLPI Developer 2020-03-13
Node external reports Developer 2020-03-13
Notifications Developer 2020-03-13
openSCAP Developer 2020-03-13
Scale-out relay Developer 2020-03-13
User management Developer 2020-03-13
Vault Developer 2020-03-13
Zabbix Developer 2020-03-13
Rudder tools Developer 2020-03-13
Rudder websites Developer 2020-03-13



12:17 Rudder Bug #17735 (Pending technical review): Broken links in rudder-by-example
PR Ikram Bejaoui
11:24 Rudder Bug #17735 (In progress): Broken links in rudder-by-example
Ikram Bejaoui


17:19 Rudder User story #17732 (Pending technical review): Dockerize Rudder Relay Server
PR Ikram Bejaoui
17:15 Rudder User story #17732 (In progress): Dockerize Rudder Relay Server
Ikram Bejaoui
17:06 Rudder User story #17732 (Released): Dockerize Rudder Relay Server
A POC of dockerizing the rudder relay server by creating new containers httpd and relayd services and mounting the ap... Ikram Bejaoui


14:21 Vault User story #17715 (Pending technical review): Add a 'Rudder by example' best practice use case
PR Ikram Bejaoui
14:13 Vault User story #17715 (In progress): Add a 'Rudder by example' best practice use case
Ikram Bejaoui
14:11 Vault User story #17715 (Pending release): Add a 'Rudder by example' best practice use case
A documentation that demonstrate how we can use the Vault plugin in Rudder configuration policies by presenting a det... Ikram Bejaoui


16:50 User management Bug #17680 (New): Getting a server error page when creating a user with the same username
While creating a new user, indicating a username that do exist already do not return an informative error but rather ... Ikram Bejaoui
16:37 User management Bug #17679 (Rejected): Getting a 404 error page while clicking on Utilites (as a different user)
For users with different roles attributed, they get a 404 error page while clicking on 'utilities' in the left menu, ... Ikram Bejaoui

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