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11:16 Rudder Bug #21172: Input Text disapear in technic editor when entering a space
I have this issue only with chrome not safari and my chrome version is 102.0.5005.115 Florent NEYRON


16:08 Rudder Bug #21264 (In progress): Refresh Button in Rules menu under Directives Tab is not working
I need to manually refresh by pressing F5 in my browser in order to refresh compliance status.
Please see screenshot...
Florent NEYRON
14:51 Rudder Enhancement #21261 (New): Millisecond precision is a bit overkill in Rules Recent Changes
Millisecond precision is a bit overkill in Rules Recent Changes and make it difficult to navigate through time period... Florent NEYRON


14:47 Rudder Bug #21212 (New): CVE display as severity 9.8 in Rudder whereas it's scored as 7.5 in CVE details
Florent NEYRON


11:14 Rudder Bug #21175 (Pending release): Impossible to put a Rule in a subcategory
Each time I try to put a rule in a subcategory, I get an error saying this Rule is in a missing category. See attached Florent NEYRON
11:03 Rudder Bug #21172 (Rejected): Input Text disapear in technic editor when entering a space
See screenshot attached
Florent NEYRON
10:59 Rudder Bug #21171 (Pending technical review): Cancel button not showed within disable rule menu
The "cancel" button is hidden in Rule Menu when we click on Actions > Disable. It's only showed on mousehover.
Florent NEYRON
10:55 Rudder Bug #21170 (Rejected): 502 - Proxy Error when triggering Rudder agent
I often get this error when triggering Rud...
Florent NEYRON


11:06 Rudder Bug #20702 (Rejected): When disabling reporting on a method, the element still shows up in rules compliance
See screens attached.
First I disable reporting on a method, then when i go to the rules compliance details, I hav...
Florent NEYRON
10:51 Rudder Bug #20700 (Released): Disable Reporting on a variable String method causes policy update errors
Screen and logs attached
When checking disable reporting on variable string method that doesn't match the condition....
Florent NEYRON

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