Bug #4894

The initial promises use a remote copy which does not permit the copy of ncf files to /var/rudder/ncf/ and generation of promises fails.

Added by Nicolas PERRON almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Nicolas PERRON
System techniques
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The initial promises on server use remote copy instead of local copy. It leads to not copy ncf and have no possibility to generate promises.

Verbose execution of

rudder> Copy file '/var/rudder/ncf/common' from '/usr/share/ncf/tree' check
rudder> GetIdleConnectionToServer: no existing connection to '' is established...
rudder> Set cfengine port number to '5309' = 5309
rudder> Set connection timeout to 30
rudder> Connect to 'server.rudder.local' = '' on port '5309'
rudder> skipidentify was promised, so we are trusting and simply announcing the identity as 'server' for this host
rudder> .....................[.h.a.i.l.].................................
rudder> Strong authentication of server 'server.rudder.local' connection confirmed
rudder> Public key identity of host '' is 'MD5=6a4bf99269399999fd617fc7180a7d79'
rudder> Server returned error ' Unspecified server refusal (see verbose server output)'
Can't stat '/usr/share/ncf/tree' in files.copyfrom promise
rudder> Defining promise result class 'rudder_ncf_common_update_error'
rudder> Existing connection just became free...

Related issues

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This bug has been fixed in Rudder 2.9.5 (announcement , changelog) and 2.10.1 (announcement , changelog), which were released today.

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