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Rudder Developer 2012-04-26
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Rudder plugins Developer 2018-08-20
API Authorizations Developer 2018-08-20
Authentication backends Developer 2018-10-03
Branding Developer 2018-08-20
Centreon Developer 2018-08-21
Change validation Developer 2018-10-25
CIS Developer 2019-08-22
Datasources Developer 2018-09-28
GLPI Developer 2018-08-21
Node external reports Developer 2018-08-21
Notifications Developer 2018-11-29
Scale-out relay Developer 2018-08-21
User management Developer 2018-08-23
Vault Developer 2018-08-21
Zabbix Developer 2018-08-21
Rudder tools Developer 2013-09-09
Rudder websites Developer 2015-03-11



12:00 Rudder Bug #16968 (Pending release): remove rudderDit from LDAP Node repository
Applied in changeset commit:rudder|8e88d3765ac33d3b33298c2d1810bbb469505966. Vincent MEMBRÉ
11:38 Rudder Bug #16968: remove rudderDit from LDAP Node repository
10:42 Rudder Bug #16968 (In progress): remove rudderDit from LDAP Node repository
Vincent MEMBRÉ
10:42 Rudder Bug #16968 (Pending release): remove rudderDit from LDAP Node repository
There was a bug in the resolution of #16906 Vincent MEMBRÉ
11:38 Rudder Revision 8e88d376 (rudder): Fixes #16968: remove rudderDit from LDAP Node repository
Vincent MEMBRÉ


19:29 Rudder Revision f623e2a1 (rudder-plugins): Switch master branch to 6.1
Vincent MEMBRÉ


15:47 Rudder Architecture #16908 (Pending release): unexpected dependencies for AIX agent
Something has changed in packaging breaking AIX agent build.
It now looks for new depedencies that cannot be provi...
Vincent MEMBRÉ
09:21 Rudder Architecture #16904 (Pending release): Aix package does not build anymore
Since addition of ?aix rpm macro was added, aix agent does not build anymore... Vincent MEMBRÉ


11:59 Rudder Bug #16898 (New): Hide remote run button for Windows agent
Windows agent does not support remote run, we should not display the remote run button for those nodes.
The api co...
Vincent MEMBRÉ


16:32 Rudder tools Revision 1ed05779 (rudder-tools): Creating changelog for Plugin solaris 6.0-1.0
Vincent MEMBRÉ

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