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  • Rudder

    Rudder main project. Contains both Rudder agent and Rudder Web Interface.

    • ncf

      The ncf framework is a CFEngine framework aimed at helping newcomers on CFEngine to be more quickly operational and old timers to spend less time focusing on low level details and have more time for fun things.

  • Rudder plugins

    Rudder plugin top project. Each plugin has its own subproject with dedicated versioning and tickets. This main project hold transverse ticket (typically: packaging related) or modification that need to be done in all projects (ex: update in readme, change in directory layout, etc)....

    • API Authorizations

      This plugin allows to add fine grained authorization to Rudder API.

    • Authentication backends

      This plugin allows to authenticate users through LDAP/AD or Radius

    • Branding

      This plugin allow to customize UI element of Rudder like login page, main banner color, etc.

    • Centreon

      Automaticaly configure nodes managed by Rudder to be supervised by Centreon

    • Change validation

      This plugin adds change validation workflow to Rudder.

    • CIS

      This plugin will bring a set of techniques to help auditing the CIS RedHat Benchmark with Rudder.

    • Consul

      Make vault kv usable in Rudder directives

    • Datasources

      Fetch node properties from API endpoints

    • Node external reports

      Display per-node static report files (HTML, PDF) in Rudder

    • openSCAP

      OpenSCAP audits managed by Rudder

    • Scale-out relay

      Relay servers for Rudder

    • User management

      Manage user and their rights in UI

    • Vault

      Make vault secret usable in Rudder directives

    • Zabbix

      Automaticaly configure nodes managed by Rudder to be supervised by Zabbix

  • Rudder websites

    Rudder related websites

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