Bug #14909

Updated by Nicolas CHARLES about 1 year ago

With a non default schedule, when inventory is sent, reporting is 
 [Unexpected] The inventory has been successfully sent 
 [Unexpected] Next inventory scheduled between 00:00 and 06:00 

 this is because condition on second message does not support non default schedule 

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 I found this bug in Rudder version [Your Version here], on [Distribution here] 

 This bug happens: 

 * During installation of Rudder agent / Rudder server 
 * While running rudder agent on a Node 
 * When using Rudder web interface 
 * When looking at compliance of a Node 
 * When configurations are generated on Rudder Server 
 * When a Nodes applies a configuration 


 You can reproduce it with the following steps: 

 * ... 
 * ... 

 You can workaround this issue by doing likewise: