Bug #19399

Updated by Fran├žois ARMAND about 1 year ago

When any information in LDAP about node is updated, the whole NodeInfo cache is invalidated - it's not a problem on small instances, or when there are no node properties, but on large systems with a lot of node properties, it can take more than 6 seconds, which locks virtually everything related to nodes. nodes 

 Other symptoms are:  
 - LDAP using a lot of CPU, 
 - LDAP timeout in webapp logs. 

 We store the last modification date and all the ldap related objects, so a better strategy would be to: 
 # check if there are entries with a newer modification date 
 # if so, fetch all entries with the newer modification date 
 # construct the new nodeinfo from these entries, completing with the cache for what's missing 
 # replacing within the cache the updated entries