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01:32 Rudder plugins Bug #16976: Create subscription plugins
PR François ARMAND


20:20 Rudder Bug #16993: can't insert method to end of method list in technique editor
Thanks for reporting! François ARMAND


21:04 Rudder Bug #16498 (Resolved): version 6.0.1-debian10 breaks /opt/rudder/etc/rudder-networks-24.conf
This ticket was actually a duplicate of #16680 and was resolved in Rudder 5.0.16 and 6.0.3. François ARMAND
15:12 Rudder Revision 1b40b023 (rudder-plugins): Merge branch 'bug_16965/bootstrap_openscap_scala_directories_pr'
François ARMAND


22:53 Rudder plugins Bug #16976: Create subscription plugins
Work in progess here: François ARMAND
22:52 Rudder plugins Bug #16976 (In progress): Create subscription plugins
François ARMAND
22:52 Rudder plugins Bug #16976 (In progress): Create subscription plugins
We want a plugin that allows customer to have relevant information about their contract: contact info, nodes managed ... François ARMAND


16:24 Rudder Revision a25ae622 (rudder-plugins): Fixes #16965: bootstrap openscap scala directories
François ARMAND
16:16 Rudder Revision 1e470651 (rudder-plugins): update copyright year in g8 template
François ARMAND
12:35 Datasources Bug #16959: Revert datasource port to zio rc18 in 6.0 branch
Applied in changeset rudder:commit:rudder-plugins|1c49f25249de7fbb952331ae0858d1f0ef985030. François ARMAND

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