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Rudder Developer 2010-11-04
ncf Developer 2013-09-10
Rudder plugins Developer 2018-08-20
API Authorizations Developer 2018-08-20
Authentication backends Developer 2018-10-03
Branding Developer 2018-08-20
Centreon Developer 2018-08-21
Change validation Developer 2018-10-25
CIS Developer 2019-08-22
Consul Developer 2020-04-06
Datasources Developer 2018-09-28
GLPI Developer 2018-08-21
Node external reports Developer 2018-08-21
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openSCAP Developer 2019-10-22
Scale-out relay Developer 2018-08-21
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Zabbix Developer 2018-08-21
Rudder tools Developer 2013-09-09
Rudder websites Developer 2015-03-11



18:44 Rudder Bug #19158: Cannot load file browser if subfolders of the shared-folder contain dead symlinks
I don't see errors anymore, but I don't see any file either ? François ARMAND
17:37 Rudder Bug #19213: Put node cache info into a file in place of LDAP
Correction works great. Tested with removing only one node, corrupting file, deleting file, etc. François ARMAND
11:40 Branding Bug #19229 (New): Deadlock at start when loading new licence
We have several reports of the branding plugin leading to a full deadlock (no more lock, rudder does nothing anymore)... François ARMAND
11:10 Rudder Bug #19228 (Pending release): Date picker in search (last inventory) is broken
Applied in changeset commit:rudder|9870980023fdbee2a19e06b9c602b6fb706ea706. François ARMAND
10:58 Rudder Bug #19228 (Pending technical review): Date picker in search (last inventory) is broken
PR François ARMAND
10:18 Rudder Bug #19228 (In progress): Date picker in search (last inventory) is broken
François ARMAND
10:17 Rudder Bug #19228 (Pending release): Date picker in search (last inventory) is broken

If you put a date in ISO format, you get an error, and the error doesn't even tell you what format is expected (s...
François ARMAND
10:57 Rudder Revision 98709800 (rudder): Fixes #19228: Date format in search is French localised and the datepicker is broken
François ARMAND


13:46 Rudder Revision 54cd19ac (rudder): Merge branch 'branches/rudder/6.2'
François ARMAND
13:40 Rudder Revision a55d0914 (rudder): Merge branch 'branches/rudder/6.1' into branches/rudder/6.2
François ARMAND

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