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05:52 Rudder Bug #14753 (New): Warning: Nashorn engine is planned to be removed from a future JDK release
Since OpenJDK 11, we get a warning: "Warning: Nashorn engine is planned to be removed from a future JDK release".
François ARMAND


14:07 Rudder Bug #14707: Impossible to recreate a node deleted
What ou experience is not what is expected. A deleted node from the UI should come back in "pending", and the fact t... François ARMAND


19:10 Rudder Architecture #14598 (Pending release): Upgrade to Doobie .0.6.0 and related dependencies
Applied in changeset commit:rudder|e634e8593694c755802bbc24fd9cfc119ec25a26. François ARMAND
19:01 Rudder Revision e634e859 (rudder): Fixes #14598: Upgrade to Doobie .0.6.0 and related dependencies
François ARMAND
14:40 Rudder Bug #14652 (Pending release): Api tests are broken
Applied in changeset commit:rudder|fb1ca9ebc1fa685847979e762e1c925125f9f9ad. François ARMAND


14:49 Rudder Bug #14653: rudder-agent installation fails on Ubuntu 18 without systemd
So, what we propose:
- for now, we make the dependency on systemd explicit.
- we document the fact that we can a...
François ARMAND
14:42 ncf Bug #14582: For virtual package, package present generic method reports error but package is installed
It's still a C patch in cfengine :/ François ARMAND
14:38 Rudder Bug #14476: Inventory can not complete on an hypervisor if one of the guest machine is not accessible any more
We should enforce a timeout. François ARMAND
14:35 Rudder Bug #14381: Directive Sudoers allow both passwordless sudo and all commands.
In fact, I misunderstood the problem: here, it asks for the password when it should not (so it's more minor than crit... François ARMAND
14:33 Rudder Bug #14171: 'rudder-cf-execd' and 'rudder-cf-serverd' in status 'inactive (dead)'
We weren't able to reproduce it, but we had several concording reports about that problem. So perhaps the problem is ... François ARMAND

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