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10:59 ncf User story #12740: Make conditionals visible / Make used classes visible
@florian: I think it's important to see the condition because one use case that is extremelly itchy right now is: I n...


11:01 Rudder Revision 328b1b88 (rudder-plugins): Merge branch 'branches/rudder/5.0'
11:01 Rudder Revision 324acb24 (rudder-plugins): Merge branch 'branches/rudder/4.3' into branches/rudder/5.0
10:00 Datasources Bug #13933 (Pending release): [breaking] NoSuchMethodError with datasources 4.3-1.4 + Rudder 4.3.7
Applied in changeset rudder:commit:rudder-plugins|40e0a94d3881dcfc93e0770833fb657dd0e60d6f.


10:20 Rudder plugins Question #13946: Plugin versionning rules
In fact, it's even more complicated than that. Because a plugin can be compatible only with some range of Rudder due ...
10:10 Rudder plugins Question #13946 (Discussion): Plugin versionning rules bring the question of plugin versionning rules. Until today, we ...


10:40 Rudder Bug #13937 (New): Permission broken in /var/rudder/conf-repo/ncf/{hooks.d, 50_tech}
During normal usage of Rudder, the permissions of two directories under conf-repo/ncf were changed to root/root.
10:29 Rudder Bug #13406 (Rejected): Race condition on reinstall of packages triggers re-conversion of old LDAP BDB files to LMDB
We are going to close that one because it can only happen for new people on 4.0/4.1, which are few, and we don't have...
10:17 Rudder Bug #13916: Old incorrect inventory is still used on a node
We wanted to keep *one* inventory for debuging. If hostname changes, then the newly generated inventory does not over...
09:53 Rudder Bug #13934 (In progress): Missing documentation for API "version info"

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