Bug #19869

Updated by Fran├žois ARMAND over 2 years ago

We want to capture history of facts about the state of rudder. Facts are data not own by rudder users. A received inventory is a fact. A config parameter in is a fact. A setting (from setting API) is NOT a fact, it's a configuration. A node property may be a fact (for example when set by datasources plugin) but is generally not (when the user choose what value it has).  

 The resolution of the node property value through inheritance is a special kind of fact that we will call a @deduction@ computation (even if the user owns each component of the data, it has no way to control the resulting value). Same goes for generated configuration on a node.  

 The first simple case of fact is node inventories: we will store them in a new repository: @/var/rudder/fact-repository@