Bug #19960

Updated by François ARMAND over 1 year ago

We have useless bootchecks in rudder that check for old migration:  

 - CheckApiTokenAutorizationKind: used in migration from 4.x to 4.3 to update api token format 
 - CheckCfengineSystemRuleTargets: used in migration to 4.3 to update server group request 
 - CheckNashornWarning: we don't use nashorn anymore in 7.0 
 - CheckRootRuleCategoryExport: used in migration to rudder 4.0 

 Not sure about that one:  
 - CheckSystemGroups: ensure property about system groups changed likely because of a migration. It will be managed in 2.10 


 Moreover, we want to better organize other bootcheck, splitting them in: 

 - init & consistancy bootchecks (init first time things, check consistency of dit, etc) 
 - action bootchecks (do things based on the presence of files / things) 
 - migration bootchecks (migrate things). 
 - onetimeinit (xml dump for config repo, etc)