Bug #20124

Updated by Fran├žois ARMAND over 1 year ago

Summary: a technique with blocks and components (with same name?) at different places leads to false compliance because expected reports are not correctly computed: each component get expected reports for all components with the same name.  
 It is not #20071 because here, the problem is located when the expected reports are generated, not when the pairing between expected reports and node reports is done. Here, the pairing is OK*, but not for the correct data.  

 * (actually, not that much OK since we use several time the same reports at differnt places. Here, it's #20071 at fault). 

 my technique is like this 

 and the reporting is 

 Since on root level of the technique there is a "File absent" component, all reports based on "File absent" are also added to the root method 
 same for "Command execution" on the root level 

 In "first block", the file absent of both itself and the inner block show up also 

 Compliance historized says  
 root     | 2021-10-14 08:20:36+00 | 32377fd7-02fd-43d0-aab7-28460a91347b | b82d103a-6da6-4a5e-bb49-616d9fd9ac22 |        
 0 |         6 |          3 |       0 |            0 |         0 |          0 |               0 |                 0 |           0 |        
            0 |              0 |            0 |               0 
 so 6 success and 3 repaired, for only 5 components