Bug #20355

Updated by Fran├žois ARMAND over 2 years ago

I tried to update Rudder from latest 6.2 to 7.0.0.rc1 on CentOS 8.5, but webapp is failing to start. 

 There was err during install: 

 <pre><code class="shell"> 
   Running scriptlet: rudder-webapp-1398866025:7.0.0.rc1-1.EL.8.x86_64                                                                                                                                                                                               1/2 
 ERROR: rudder-webapp postinstall script failed ! 

 Trying to recover the problem, you should check that your instance is properly working 

 You should also try to manually execute: /opt/rudder/bin/rudder-upgrade 

    Such errors should not happen, please open an issue for this problem on 

 <pre><code class="shell"> 
 # /opt/rudder/bin/rudder-upgrade 
 INFO: Checking if database access credentials are all right... LDAP OK,    SQL OK 

 ERROR: An error happened during the step: Upgrade system Techniques (l 191) 
 ERROR: The migration will now stop 
 ERROR: Please try to run /opt/rudder/bin/rudder-upgrade again 

 Error from webapp log: 
 <pre><code class="shell"> 
 [2021-12-02 04:16:13+0100] INFO    migration - Check if all Rudder 7.0 system technique are correctly loaded in technique library 
 [2021-12-02 04:16:13+0100] INFO    git-repository - git-gc performed on configuration-repository in PT1.104S 
 [2021-12-02 04:16:13+0100] ERROR migration - Error during migration of policy server system configuration to Rudder V7.0 data. It is likely that Rudder won't work as expected. Please check the log above. Error was: SystemError: An error occured; cause was: org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.ConcurrentRefUpdateException: Could not lock HEAD. RefUpdate return code was: LOCK_FAILURE 
 [2021-12-02 04:16:13+0100] INFO    bootchecks - Check mandatory DIT entries 

 Webapp log has been attached. 

 The problem is that there was stalled git lock before the update, and Rudder need to check for that, see