Bug #20355

Updated by Fran├žois ARMAND about 1 year ago

I tried to update Rudder from latest 6.2 to 7.0.0.rc1 on CentOS 8.5, but webapp is failing to start. 

 There was err during install: 

 <pre><code class="shell"> 
   Running scriptlet: rudder-webapp-1398866025:7.0.0.rc1-1.EL.8.x86_64                                                                                                                                                                                               1/2 
 ERROR: rudder-webapp postinstall script failed ! 

 Trying to recover the problem, you should check that your instance is properly working 

 You should also try to manually execute: /opt/rudder/bin/rudder-upgrade 

    Such errors should not happen, please open an issue for this problem on 

 <pre><code class="shell"> 
 # /opt/rudder/bin/rudder-upgrade 
 INFO: Checking if database access credentials are all right... LDAP OK,    SQL OK 

 ERROR: An error happened during the step: Upgrade system Techniques (l 191) 
 ERROR: The migration will now stop 
 ERROR: Please try to run /opt/rudder/bin/rudder-upgrade again 

 Error from webapp log: 
 <pre><code class="shell"> 
 [2021-12-02 04:16:13+0100] INFO    migration - Check if all Rudder 7.0 system technique are correctly loaded in technique library 
 [2021-12-02 04:16:13+0100] INFO    git-repository - git-gc performed on configuration-repository in PT1.104S 
 [2021-12-02 04:16:13+0100] ERROR migration - Error during migration of policy server system configuration to Rudder V7.0 data. It is likely that Rudder won't work as expected. Please check the log above. Error was: SystemError: An error occured; cause was: org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.ConcurrentRefUpdateException: Could not lock HEAD. RefUpdate return code was: LOCK_FAILURE 
 [2021-12-02 04:16:13+0100] INFO    bootchecks - Check mandatory DIT entries 

 Webapp log has been attached. 

 The problem is that there was stalled git lock before the update, and Rudder need to check for that, see 
 See also for the whole workaround