User story #4505

Updated by Vincent MEMBRÉ over 8 years ago

As of Rudder 2.9, you can only select Groups to target from a Rule. 

 The result is that all Nodes from those groups will be targetted by that Rule. (union of all nodes from these groups) 

 This is nice and easy to use but it can get very complicated  

 * When you want to exclude some nodes from a group, you need to create a very complicated group ( exclusion of Nodes ) 
 * You want to apply a Rule on Nodes that checks both criteria, you need also to create a specific group (intersection of nodes) 

 To answer this, we need to change how we apply a Rule to a group a nodes by adding more flexibilty and composition. 

 Here is our plan to solve it completely; 

 # Add backend for that behavior #4506 
 # Modify current Rules screen to integrate Rule composition #4507 have: 
 ** Directives at the top, full width 
 ** Groups below 
 # Modify Groups section in the Rules details to have: 
 ** A Groups tree on the left 
 ** Two boxes on the right: a green one for "Include" and a red one for "Exclude" nodes from groups 
 ** Hover on each item in the Groups tree that show a green + and red - button, with tooltips, that add groups to te appropriate box on the right 
 # Add count of matching nodes under the boxes 
 # Add "(double down arrow) Advanced options" link under green and red boxes, that "rolls down" a greyed out section that has just one option originally, "Combine these groups by < > Union < > Intersection" 
 # Add -> arrows to the left of green and red boxes so you can select groups in the tree, then click the ->  

 Some SOme other ideas can come with this ( organisation of page, list of Nodes ....) but they will come in another issue. 

 To complete this, at least steap 1, 2 and 3 needs to be completed