Bug #4806

Updated by Nicolas CHARLES over 9 years ago

If we use, in different techniques generated by ncf-builder, the same components with the same values, thenthe reporting cannot distringuih which reports should match which technique, and we get "unknown" and "no answer" states 

 The Techniques generated by ncf-builder have I create a unique name, which is also the bundle name 
 Rudder generates MetaTechnique to install a csv file for reporting, package mypackage in the format 

 technique_name;;class_prefix_${key};;@@RUDDER_ID@@;;component name;;component key 

 So far, we used only the class_prefix_${key} as a key to extract data from version 1.0 on SLES 10 and 1.1 on SLES 11, the this csv file, to get the line to report. Problem: we may have several time the same class_prefix_${key}, if we use in different technique the same component with same value. 

 Since we know the technique_name (we are calling it in the bundlesequence), we can use it in the key to search the csv file 

 However, we don't want to pass the technique name down the chain generation of generic method, as it would be clunky, so we inject it in the bundle current_technique_report_info, by calling this bundle files for Rudder will create files with the current ncf technique name 
 And then, we change the logger_rudder to retrieve this value and expose the proper report line 

 This ticket part is to add the bundle that stores the current technique name, called current_technique_report_info(technique_name) and use the information in the logger_rudder 

 It needs the modification that is in ncf in #5389 taht calls current_technique_report_info(technique_name) before calling the technique 
 duplicate 'mypackage' lines.