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  • Rudder

    Rudder main project.

  • Rudder plugins

    Rudder plugin top project. Each plugin has its own subproject with dedicated versioning and tickets. This main project hold transverse ticket (typically: packaging related) or modification that need to be done in all projects (ex: update in readme, change in directory layout, etc)....

    • API authorizations

      This plugin allows to add fine grained authorization to Rudder API.

    • Authentication backends

      This plugin allows to authenticate users through LDAP/AD or Radius

    • Branding

      This plugin allow to customize UI element of Rudder like login page, main banner color, etc.

    • Centreon

      Automaticaly configure nodes managed by Rudder to be supervised by Centreon

    • Change validation

      This plugin adds change validation workflow to Rudder.

    • CIS

      This plugin will bring a set of techniques to help auditing the CIS RedHat Benchmark with Rudder.

    • Consul

      Make vault kv usable in Rudder directives

    • Datasources

      Fetch node properties from API endpoints

    • Node external reports

      Display per-node static report files (HTML, PDF) in Rudder

    • OpenSCAP

      OpenSCAP audits managed by Rudder

    • Scale-out relay

      Relay servers for Rudder

    • User management

      Manage user and their rights in UI

    • Vault

      Make vault secret usable in Rudder directives

    • Zabbix

      Automaticaly configure nodes managed by Rudder to be supervised by Zabbix

  • Rudder websites

    Rudder related websites

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