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03:01 Rudder Bug #4613: When multiples cf-execd are running at the same time, agent is not behaving properly, and node is in NoAnswer state
Experienced the same on version 2.10.
This seemed to occure after I restarted the rudder root server. The non-compli...
William Ott


04:22 Rudder User story #4730 (Rejected): Explain how to add Technique in docs
Include: That a new technique must be added to the git repo and that the changes must be commited before it is visibl... William Ott


11:26 Rudder Bug #4719 (Released): Technique sshKeyDistribution: ssh keys are not added or replaced if they don't finish by equal sign
There seems to be a problem with the edit_line bundle append_or_replace_ssh_key, because the authorized_key file is b... William Ott

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