19:38 Rudder Bug #14331: We are forced to wait agent next run before getting a newly generated policy applied
Applying randomly on node with a maximum number might be hard to understand for the user who would like to check wher...
19:33 Rudder Bug #14333: Remote run should honore splay time
Complying with a splay time means waiting for it, ie not running remote run.
19:31 Rudder tools Bug #14324: Upgrading an ubuntu distro installed with rudder-setup lead to incorrect repository definition
I don't see where the rudder-agent package is involved
13:04 Rudder Bug #14326 (New): Regular user don'twork when ldap user are declared
Declare some regular user in rudder-users.xml
Additionnaly declare some ldap user in rudder-users.xml
Regular use...
13:02 Rudder User story #14325 (New): Rename classic into "Unix"
and maybe find a more meaningful assiciated icon


22:26 Rudder Bug #14321 (New): Drag and drop of a generic method displays a phantom method
When drag'n' droppping a generic method to move it around, a phantom line looking like a generic method appears, effe...
22:24 Rudder User story #14320 (New): Change graph and table are missing in node details
In rules compliance detail, thete is a change graph and a table listing all those changes.
We should have the same...
22:23 Rudder User story #14319 (New): When a parameter is empty we cannot save
In the technique editor, it is impossible to save when a technique parameter is empty.
However, there is nothing to ...
22:21 Rudder User story #14318 (New): The hamburger menu is always folded
This is disturbing to new users since they cannot find menu entries by name, and moving the mouse around can make the...
22:19 Rudder User story #14317 (New): Clicking on a generic method doesn''t work anymore
In the technique editor the presentation of the generic methods has bee modified.
Now some part of the method disp...

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