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08:50 Rudder User story #9797: Use different ways to report back


08:13 Rudder Bug #13657 (New): Script rudder-support-info does not mask credentials
Following things should be anonymized:
- @rudder.auth.ldap.connection.bind.password@ in @./rudder/rudder-web.prope...
08:04 Rudder Bug #13656 (New): Script rudder-support-info does not find jetty running
After I ran the support-script on a 4.3.4 Server on SLES12 (systemd <3), I get an error:...
07:34 Rudder tools Bug #13655 (Pending release): Script rudder-support-info is too chatty when looking for time
Some cosmetic things:
If you don't have @time@ installed and are running @rudder-support-info@, you get an uncaugh...


07:58 Rudder Bug #7777: Rudder-agent provides rudder-agent without a version
I suggest you keep an eye on this, as adding a Provides line with the same version that's added by rpmbuild itself is...


07:30 ncf User story #12706 (New): generic method to compare two file's filesystem
We lack the ability to check if two paths (directories or files) reside on the same filesystem.
This can be used t...


12:20 Rudder User story #12508 (Pending release): Have a daemon forward the inventories instead of the agent's run
Applied in changeset rudder-tools:commit:rudder-tools|89c9242e2314b9d2c463a0f088a409753cd7d7d4.


09:30 Rudder Bug #12539: Upgrading from a SP'ed SLES to a GA keeps the Service Pack field
Either you could remove the SP-Info if there is none in the inventory or the inventory could send @<SERVICE_PACK>0</S...
09:21 Rudder Bug #12539 (Rejected): Upgrading from a SP'ed SLES to a GA keeps the Service Pack field
We've had a Server we tested SLES15 Beta, which was before that a SLES12 SP2.
The inventories looked before/after ...


11:36 Rudder Bug #12512: Buttons don't follow a straight design
My biggest confusion were the gray buttons "hidden" next to the filter part, I had to look approx for 10 seconds to f...

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