Michael Gliwinski




10:42 Rudder User story #4827 (Released): Provide packages (agent/server) for Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS)
In case of agent, the package for quantal works correctly. I haven't tested the server yet. Michael Gliwinski


16:26 Rudder Bug #4198 (Released): Cf-execd started by cron is missing environment variables, making the agent unable to run correctly
Created a fresh VM, installed minimal Ubuntu 12.04.3 server, added repo and installed rudder-agent (2.6.9) package.
Michael Gliwinski


10:43 Rudder Revision 17a03b03 (rudder-techniques): Add a copy action to fileManagement 2.0 technique
This is useful for cases where symlinks aren't accepted e.g. for security reasons (e.g. cron.d files).
Michael Gliwinski


20:18 Rudder User story #3421: Nested groups
Vincent MEMBRÉ wrote:
> So you need a way to create a super group which reference other groups?
> Maybe we can ...
Michael Gliwinski


13:17 Rudder User story #3632: Remember number of entries used on each table
Dennis Cabooter wrote:
> It would be nice if there would be an option to increase/decrease the default number of ent...
Michael Gliwinski
12:08 Rudder Bug #3634: The Rudder agent post installation and removal scripts are not cleaning things correctly
Jonathan CLARKE wrote:
> That is indeed weird, because the post-install script is quite clear that it will *either* ...
Michael Gliwinski
10:19 Rudder Architecture #3828: Adapt Techniques so they use available init system on each Node
Vincent MEMBRÉ wrote:
> I think there should be an abstraction over it and Rudder should use the right system in any...
Michael Gliwinski


16:49 Rudder Architecture #3828 (Released): Adapt Techniques so they use available init system on each Node
This applies to servicesManagement technique as well as other techniques that internally start/stop/restart services ... Michael Gliwinski


11:33 Rudder User story #3378 (Pending release): Technique "Group management": make group creation optional
Applied in changeset policy-templates:commit:19a2c728a1bd0ba431efa4984357d35bf642d43c. Michael Gliwinski


16:42 Rudder User story #3675 (New): Technique "Set the permissions on files": should allow specifying regex to match files
Currently defining same ownership/permissions for a list of files/directories in filesPermissions technique (_Set per... Michael Gliwinski

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