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Add rudder server version to the Rest API (system/info endpoint)

Added by Thomas CAILHE about 2 months ago. Updated 12 days ago.

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A few day ago I have a discussion on gitter on the possibility to add something in the API for get the version of the rudder server.

Here the chat:

oct. 11 17:33
So i've got another question. Is it possible to get the rudder server version via the API?
Francois Armand
oct. 11 17:55
hum no. This is not very smart
@Oyabi would you mind opening a ticket (user story) with that? And if you have other ideas of information that you may need:
oct. 11 17:58
well... there is the version number (4.3) on the login screen so I think it's not completly useless :D
ok i'll do it tomorrow
i try to write an interface for made autoregistration of our machine available
actually i've got 2 thing, my interface (nodejs) and a bash script
the bash script is executed on servers and install rudder agent
it can be cool if i can use something like that
echo "deb$rudder_version/ $(lsb_release -cs) main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rudder.list
where $rudder_version is the same as the server version
i must go i'll be back tomorrow if you have question or suggestion
Francois Armand
oct. 11 18:03
I need to go too
oct. 11 18:03
;) bye
oct. 12 08:54
Hi, I'm back. So it's not possible I guess but I don't really know why. Usage of the API is limited by the identification token. If you don't have token you can't have access to information. If you have access to API you can delete node, rules, directives, etc. I guess get the server version is not to bad with this environment :)
Nicolas Charles
oct. 12 09:34
we are missing the version in the API
however, command 'rudder agent info' gives the version
you can use and parse this info
oct. 12 09:38
ok i will do that, but do you planning on add this to the api in future version ?
Nicolas Charles
oct. 12 09:43
this would make a lot of sense to add it - can you create a ticket explaining the use case (and which format would be best) ?
oct. 12 09:44
ok no problem ;)
Nicolas Charles
oct. 12 09:56
thank you !@

I think you understand but if it is not the case do not hesitate to ask me other information.


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Added by François ARMAND 26 days ago

Fixes #13654: [API] Can you add rudder server version to the API ?


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This is very small since we have all information in RudderConfig.{rudderMajorVersion, rudderFullVersion, currentYear, builtTimestamp} (since 4.1). We just need to know where to put it.

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Let's do that in 4.3!

#3 Updated by François ARMAND 26 days ago

curl -H "X-API-Token:  001vl4eL8p3YqvwefVbaJLdy8DyEt7Vw" -X GET 'https://..../rudder/api/latest/system/info'  | jq .
  "action": "getSystemInfo",
  "result": "success",
  "data": {
    "rudder": {
      "major-version": "4.3",
      "full-version": "4.3.7-SNAPSHOT",
      "build-time": "2018-11-13T10:51:59Z" 

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This bug has been fixed in Rudder 4.3.7 and 5.0.3 which were released today.

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  • Related to Bug #13934: Missing documentation for API "version info" added

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