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We should be able to return an arbitrary report from the technique editor

Added by Félix DALLIDET 8 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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When using Rudder, I often find myself wanting to report an information which is not caused by the direct result of a method.
For instance, if I want to audit that a partition is correctly mounted on my node, I need to use a command execution method.

But if I want it to also work in audit (since this will only audit if the partition is properly mounted) I currently do not have any good way to set this up.
The only methods which let met use a command execution in audit mode are:
  • condition from command
  • variable from command

Which always return a compliant report, and define a specific condition based on the error code returned by the command.
The condition is pretty useless to build my compliance.

An idea to solve this issue is to define a report_unless method. This method would do nothing, except reporting in two different manners:
  • Default case is reporting under a given status
  • Except when a specific condition is defined, then, report under a different report status.

For instance, a previous method defined a my_cmd_audit_{true|false} condition. I want it to return a success when the my_cmd_audit_true is defined, and an error otherwise.
I will be able to do so, using:

  -report_message: my condition was correct!
  -default_status: error
  -unless: my_cmd_audit_true
  -unless_status: success

It is the same logic than when using a condition in a tehcnique, which will always reports a na report, unless the condition is verified.

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Updated by Benoît PECCATTE 8 months ago

report_message:" my condition was correct!" unless: "my_cmd_audit_true" means report OK if audit is false in plain English. This is self contradictory hence completely confusing.

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Updated by Benoît PECCATTE 8 months ago

If i understand correctly the message is the same whatever the status

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Updated by Benoît PECCATTE 8 months ago

Let's drop de the backward definition with multiple negation.
A suggestion :

report_on(message, condition, status, error_status)

Report the message message on condition condition with the status status.

If the condition is not met, report with the status error_status. (with which message ?)

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Updated by Benoît PECCATTE 8 months ago

But we could instead have a different method :

report_audit(subject, compliant_condition, non_compliant_condition)
Report and audit message on the subject subject with a compliant, non compliant or error status based on the conditions.
  • true,true -> error
  • true,false -> compliant
  • false,true -> non compliant
  • false,false -> error

We could have a report_enforce on the same model with kept_condition,repaired_condition

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Updated by Benoît PECCATTE 8 months ago

or a report_any which change it mode to audit or enforce based on current mode

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This bug has been fixed in Rudder 7.0.0~beta2 which was released today.


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