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We can add the same score details column many times in nodes tables

Added by Clark ANDRIANASOLO 15 days ago. Updated 2 days ago.

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When selecting a new column to add in nodes tables, if the column is added it eventually disappears from the list of columns to add.
But when selecting a Score details, and an option e.g. Compliance, when adding it the "select" resets to the first one of the list.
And when selecting another Score details, I can still see Compliance in the choices, even though it is already a column of the table :

We should make the select also behave more consistently :
- we should remove the selection options for Score details columns which are already displayed
- we should keep the Score details selected and choose the first of the remaining choices by default when a score details column is added
- we should remove the Score details option when all are already selected
- (optionally) we should add All to the choices of score details columns. It is likely users would like to have those indicators in the view of all nodes.

N.B. another issue is caused by having duplicate columns and we should really do the fix because it has a very weird behavior :
when adding the same column twice, then removing the duplicate, it appears as a choice in the main selection (at the same level as Score details !), and the rest of the flow seems broken until we refresh the page and discard our changes


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