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The rudder-agent SPEC file does not handle bundled Openssl or not conditions properly

Added by Matthieu CERDA over 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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We currently package OpenSSL only if the condtion "use_system_openssl" is true in the package SPEC file.

Problem is, the condition to do so is broken:

# Catch-all
%define use_system_openssl true

## 1 - RHEL: Bundled for pre-el5 oses
### Pre el5 have reached the end of production phase,
### and are thus in Extended Life phase.
### See.
%if 0%{?rhel} && 0%{?rhel} < 5
%define use_system_openssl false
%define use_system_openssl true

## 3 - SLES: Bundled for pre-sles11 oses
### SLES 11 OSes come with OpenSSL 0.9.8h,
### which is recent enough.
%if 0%{?sles_version} && 0%{?sles_version} < 11
%define use_system_openssl false
%define use_system_openssl true

What happens is, on RHEL3:
  • The condition RHEL is evaluated: rhel 3 < rhel 5, use_system_openssl is set to false => Good !
  • The condition SLES is evaluated: Not a SLES system, use_system_openssl is set to true => FFFF@{#@{#~!!!!!

We need to just rely on the catch-all condition ( use_system_openssl = true ) and add OS-specific exceptions.

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This bug has been fixed in Rudder 2.11.5, which was released today (16/12/14)

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