Bug #17810

Updated by Fran├žois ARMAND about 4 years ago

These files are remaning (on centos 8) after agent version 5.0.13 is uninstalled: 

 * /etc/systemd/system/rudder-agent.service.requires 
 * /etc/systemd/system/rudder-agent.service.wants 
 * /etc/systemd/system/ 
 * /etc/systemd/system/ 
 * /etc/systemd/system/ 
 * /etc/systemd/system/rudder-agent.service.requires/rudder-cf-execd.service 
 * /etc/systemd/system/rudder-agent.service.wants/rudder-cf-serverd.service  

 For server, you may also have: 
 * /etc/systemd/system/ 
 * /etc/systemd/system/ 
 * /etc/systemd/system/ 
 * /etc/systemd/system/ 
 * /etc/systemd/system/rudder-server.service.requires 
 * /etc/systemd/system/rudder-server.service.requires/rudder-relayd.service 
 * /etc/systemd/system/rudder-server.service.requires/rudder-jetty.service 
 * /etc/systemd/system/rudder-server.service.requires/rudder-slapd.service 

 Sometimes, depending on package installation update history, you get: 

 * /etc/cron.d/rudder-agent.rpmsave 

 On some (old) version of agent, you can get:  

 * /etc/cron.d/rudder-agent 
 * /etc/profile.d/ 
 * /etc/rsyslog.d/rudder-agent.conf 


 - @/etc/cron.d/rudder-agent.rpmsave@, @/etc/cron.d/rudder-agent@, @/etc/profile.d/ and @/etc/rsyslog.d/rudder-agent.conf@ @/etc/cron.d/rudder-agent.rpmsave@ can be deleted, 
 - systemd files can be removed by systemd. For each service, you need to do: @systemctl disable $service@, starting by deeper ones: $service@ 

 systemctl disable rudder-cf-serverd 
 systemctl disable rudder-cf-execd 
 systemctl disable rudder-agent 
 systemctl disable rudder-relayd 
 systemctl disable rudder-jetty 
 systemctl disable rudder-slapd 
 systemctl disable rudder-server 

 If these systemctl commands don't work, you can delete these file with @rm@, then reload systemd config: 

 systemctl daemon-reload