Bug #11683

Updated by Janos Mattyasovszky over 5 years ago

I have tried to stop a service and ensure it's stopped / not started with the Rudder Technique. 

 Filled fields were: 
 Service name (as seen in chkconfig or systemctl, or Windows tasks):    [ fail2ban ] 
 This process should be: (o) Stopped 
 This service should be set to start on boot: (o) No 
 When stopping this process: (o) Stop gracefully (service xxx stop) 

 The field @Process name (full path to the executable, to be check in 'ps' output)@ was not filled in because the UI did not complain about it not being set, but if that is the case, there appears to be a reporting error: 

 [Unexpected] Process of fail2ban was stopped 
 [Unexpected] Cannot check the status of fail2ban: the process name is not filed 

 After filling in the @Process name@ field, I got a 100% green compliance. 

 The Technique should either require the field to be filled or not send double reports. 

 (version rudder-agent-4.1.8.release-1.SLES.11)