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11:37 Rudder Bug #12599: Rudder agent 4.3 needs libxml-treepp-perl on debian
same on 5.0 in buster:
Updated the agent from an old 4.1 using:
Florian Heigl


02:56 Rudder Bug #16668 (Resolved): Sometime, compliance is not consistant with remote run output before manual refresh
Not sure if true, but looks like.
Two remote runs, no influence on compliance status in UI.
I need another agent ...
Florian Heigl


02:46 Rudder Bug #16663 (Released): directive list tells you to upgrade the server if it didn't yet connect.
incorrect output from directive list while only base policy exists
on a new setup or a system that can't fetch pol...
Florian Heigl
01:57 Rudder Bug #16662 (Resolved): Centos8 python3 compat?

I was getting this spurious traceback.
It can make a few problems, it seems to only come if a package doesn't exis...
Florian Heigl


02:30 Rudder Bug #16646: missing selinux label
also need these two:
@ chcon -R -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t /var/rudder/inventories/accepted-nodes-updates/
Florian Heigl
02:28 Rudder Bug #16646 (Rejected): missing selinux label
h1. Problem
Rudder 6.0.2 master on Centos7 with SELinux enabled will not be able to send its own inventory.
Florian Heigl


23:23 Rudder tools Bug #16372 (Pending release): rudder-setup doesn't work on most smaller debian images
I almost always need to do
@root@843:~# apt-get install apt-transport-https
It should be part of the script!
Florian Heigl


16:44 Rudder User story #16249: OpenSUSE should be detected as "suse" os family
tested, works on Leap15.0
(other versions not yet tested *cough cough*)
Florian Heigl
09:48 Rudder Bug #16243: SUSE inventory signing
sent by mail Florian Heigl
09:44 Rudder Bug #16244: sudoManagement on SLES15 not working
Hi Alexis,
here's the output.
So, it says leap15 not sles15, guess you're on to the right thing.
One sideproject I...
Florian Heigl

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