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RTF dev is not working

Added by Elaad FURREEDAN almost 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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The script end on

==> dev_server: Running trigger...

It seems that "setup-dev" argument is not recognized
/usr/local/bin/rudder-setup setup-dev 6.0 ''

See attached file for rtf log


dev.json (317 Bytes) dev.json Elaad FURREEDAN, 2020-08-05 10:45
rtf_dev.log (42.3 KB) rtf_dev.log Elaad FURREEDAN, 2020-08-05 10:45
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Updated by Nicolas CHARLES over 3 years ago

    dev_server: Running: inline script
    dev_server: ++ echo 'Starting VM setup'
    dev_server: Starting VM setup
    dev_server: ++ /vagrant/scripts/ /vagrant
    dev_server: ++ /vagrant/scripts/ 192.168.42 2 'agent2 server'
    dev_server: ++ set +x
    dev_server: ++ head -n 1G
    dev_server: ++ DEV_MODE=true
    dev_server: ++ PLUGINS_VERSION=
    dev_server: ++ FORGET_CREDENTIALS=
    dev_server: ++ DISABLE_AUTODETECT_NETWORKS=yes
    dev_server: ++ ALLOWEDNETWORK=
    dev_server: ++ UNSUPPORTED=
    dev_server: ++ ADMIN_PASSWORD=admin
    dev_server: ++ REPO_PREFIX=rtf/
    dev_server: ++ /usr/local/bin/rudder-setup setup-dev 6.0 ''
    dev_server: Usage /usr/local/bin/rudder-setup (add-repository|setup-agent|setup-relay|setup-server|upgrade-agent|upgrade-relay|upgrade-server) <rudder_version> [<policy_server>] ['<plugins>']
    dev_server:   Adds a repository and setup rudder on your OS
    dev_server:   Should work on as many OS as possible
    dev_server:   Currently suported : Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Fedora, Centos, Amazon, Oracle, SLES
    dev_server:   rudder_version : x.y or x.y.z or x.y-nightly or ci/x.y or lts or latest
    dev_server:        x.y:            the latest x.y release (ex: 3.2)
    dev_server:        x.y.z:          the exact x.y.z release (ex: 3.2.1)
    dev_server:        x.y.z~a:        the latest x.y.z pre-release where a can be alpha1, beta1, rc1... (ex: 4.0.0~rc1) 
    dev_server:        x.y-nightly:    the latest public x.y nightly build (ex: 3.2-nightly)
    dev_server:        ci/x.y.z:       the latest development x.y.z release build (ex: ci/3.2.16)
    dev_server:        ci/x.y.z~a:     the latest development x.y.z pre-release build (ex: ci/4.0.0~rc1)
    dev_server:        ci/x.y-nightly: the latest development x.y nightly build (ex: ci/5.1-nightly)
    dev_server:        latest:         the latest stable version
    dev_server:   plugins: 'all' or a list of plugin names between ''
    dev_server:   plugin_version: '', 'nightly', 'ci', 'ci/nightly' (see below)
    dev_server:   Environment variables
    dev_server:     USE_HTTPS=true          use https in repository source (default true)
    dev_server:     PLUGINS_VERSION=...     download nightly or ci version of plugins
    dev_server:     DOWNLOAD_USER=...       download from private repository with this user
    dev_server:     DOWNLOAD_PASSWORD=...   use this password for private repository
    dev_server:     FORGET_CREDENTIALS=true remove credentials after installing plugins and licenses
    dev_server:     DEV_MODE=true           permit external access to server and databases (default false)
    dev_server:     ADMIN_PASSWORD=...      create an administrator user 'admin' with the given password

call to rudder-setup fails

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Updated by Nicolas CHARLES over 3 years ago

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