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Segment the packaging into independent role-based entities

Added by Matthieu CERDA over 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

Matthieu CERDA
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Nowadays, we assume that the user will always use rudder-server-root and rudder-agent as main entry points to install Rudder.

We should at least offer alternatives to have, independently:
  • The main WebUI
  • The inventory endpoint
  • The agent

Installing rudder-server-root obviously installing the three of'em :)

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User story #4666: Segment the packaging into independent role-based entities (integration)ReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-03-24Actions
User story #4776: Add rudder-reports dependency to rudder-root-serverReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-04-29Actions
User story #4986: Move, rudder-node-to-relay and rudder-root-rename to rudder-webapp packageReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-09Actions
Bug #5007: rudder-init and rudder-upgrade scripts are missing exec permissionsReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-12Actions
Bug #5009: rudder-init should create inputs directories if needed (and packages should not)ReleasedMatthieu CERDA2014-06-12Actions
User story #5022: Move rudder-passwords.conf to rudder-webapp packageReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-13Actions
User story #5039: Adapt rudder-init and rudder-upgrade to use rudder-server-roles.conf for initializationReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-16Actions
User story #5040: Adapt rudder-node-to-relay to use remote LDAP server and rolesReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-16Actions
Bug #4884: On SLES 11, rudder-jetty installation is stopped by post-inst error about insservReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-05-22Actions

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Updated by Dennis Cabooter over 10 years ago

What about having an independent PostGres DB?

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Updated by Matthieu CERDA over 10 years ago

That's what is expected to be done when this initial package split is ready :)

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Updated by Matthieu CERDA over 10 years ago

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Updated by Jonathan CLARKE about 10 years ago

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Updated by Vincent MEMBRÉ about 10 years ago

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This bug has been fixed in Rudder 2.11.0~beta1 that was released yesterday.

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