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Promises generation fails on relay server

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On 2.9.4 version of Rudder (in target version , we don't have the choice of 2.9.4)

I have 1 network with 1 server and 1 relay interface , and an other network with 1 relay interface and 1 node.

First network :
Second network :

The relay and the node are accept on server.
The script node-to-relay worked very well.
The node have the relay name in policy-server.dat .
When i have accepted the node on server, the regeneration of rules failed with errors :

ERROR - Could not find freshly created promises at /var/rudder/share/

ERROR - Could not write promises into /var/rudder/share/, reason : Created promises not found !!!! at .....

The cf-agent -KI on relay return "error : During agent identification for ''" ( IP of server side relay interface ).
Same error on node ( with ip . All IPs and name are in /etc/hosts of all system .

curl http://nameofrelay/uuid ( on the node ) return the uuid of relay.

How i can resolv that ?

Thanks !


details.png (17.6 KB) details.png screenshot Anonymous, 2014-04-01 10:14
INFO_2014_04_01.stderrout.log (3.21 KB) INFO_2014_04_01.stderrout.log Info loglevel Anonymous, 2014-04-01 10:14
DEBUG_2014_04_01.stderrout.log (74.4 KB) DEBUG_2014_04_01.stderrout.log Debug loglevel Anonymous, 2014-04-01 10:14

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Thank You Mikaël for reporting!

Can you provide the full error message you get? (after : Created promises not found !!!! at ...)
Can you provide a screenshot of what you see in the error popup (provided by clicking on 'details' in the top right corner in the UI )

Can you provide an extract of logs from /var/log/rudder/webapp/2014_03_31.stderrout.log ? both in info level and debug level ( modify loglevel from /opt/rudder/etc/logback.xml loglevel should be info, change it to debug)

Thank you a lot!


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Thank you for response.

I give you logs in INFO and DEBUG loglevel, and the screenshot of the error popup.

The full error message (afetr : .... ) is in logs in INFO loglevel.

Thank you for your time.


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Ok, I see the problem; somehow the promises of the relay (and promises of its children) are moved before those of the children, hence making them unavailable


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Thanks !

I have upgrade the server in 2.10 and 2.10 nightly , and the generation works fine but i have errors when i launch cf-agent -KI on the node :

Why i have these errors ?


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This bug has been fixed in Rudder 2.9.5 (announcement , changelog) and 2.10.1 (announcement , changelog), which were released today.

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