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it should be possible to update ncf

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As a user of ncf I'm supposed to write my own promisses in subfolders of ncf (50_techniques and 60_services) or even edit a file that comes with ncf ( After I've done this, it's not easy to update ncf.

It would be preferable to have all of ncf in one subfolder that I don't need to touch at all as a user. Than on updates I can delete the folder and copy the new ncf version in its place.

If you have another better solution please add it to the documentation!

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Hi Thomas!

Sorry about the late answer

Are you using our packages? or do you make a git clone of ncf repository? you should be able to copy the new tree of ncf without problem.

If you are using our packages You should not use the directory /usr/share/ncf/tree to store your own techniques, because it will be overwritten by package update. you should have a copy of ncf directory elsewhere

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Feel free to reopen if needed.

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