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Refactor & clean up promise writting part

Added by François ARMAND over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Architecture - Refactoring
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The part of the generation of promise that write the files used to be splitted between cf-clerk and rudder project, leading to arbitrary changes, intermediate data structure, and on the whole, quite obscure code logic.

In the short time, we are going to introduce a "verify only" policy type, which need as a prerequisite to have Rudder be able to generate promises directive by directive. So this is a major change in the way promise file are written, and with the current tech debt on that part of the code, it's really, really hard to be done.

So that ticket is here to trace the first step on the path: refactore all the writting of promise, taking advantage of the reunification of rudder and cf-clerk, and clean the whole thing.

A direct user benefit is that it will be MUCH easier to optimise (and particulary, to parallelize) things after the rewrite, allowing better generation time.

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Bug #7321: Cf3PromisesFileWriterServiceImpl.writeTemplate use a bad version of sequenceParReleasedNicolas CHARLES2015-10-28Actions

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This bug has been fixed in Rudder 3.2.0~beta1 which was released today.


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