Bug #18565

Updated by Fran├žois ARMAND over 3 years ago

We shouldn't require a password when we create or update a user that doesn't have @file@ as main authentification provider. 

 As we don't know what user are only LDAP, we will adopt the following strategy:  

 - if there is only non @file@ providers (for ex only LDAP), the password fied if not displayed,  
 - if there is both providers, and file is the first: ask for password,  
 - if there is both providers, and file is not the first: for new users, hide the password but provide a checkbox with a text like "provide a password for local authorisation" (which show the pass in that case). If the checkbox is not checked, but save the provider name in for the password value; And if the user already exists, if the pass is the name of a provider or empty, don't display it.