Bug #12808

Updated by Fran├žois ARMAND almost 2 years ago

To solve the parent task #12203, we need to be able to communicate back and forth API ACL information between Rudder backend and front end.  

 We can't do that now because:  

 - the event log are not correct (missing elements, not handling all cases) 
 - API does not send the action type for the path 

 Moreover, the current architecture force us to do some changes in the existing angularjs code to make what we want works.  

 There is also several missing point regarding plugin that need to be address (and it's hard to split in several parts given the bounds between each commit): 

 - we miss a way to declare if a plugin has an API (#12828) 
 - plugin management should be more based on convention / we should do more in boot/initPlugin (standard log line, standard registring of "toserver" resources) 
 - we need a common, unique way to cache resources (js/css) for plugin, and it need to be "with-cached-resources" (#12830) 

 All of that will lead to a breaking change in plugin API, which seemed unavoidable in all case at least for API declaration.