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16:47 Rudder Bug #19175 (Released): cannot upgrade directives because curl checks certificates
If I try to upgrade directives, this is the error I receive:
@rudder server directive-upgrade -n packageManagement
Jean Cardona


11:17 Rudder Bug #16851: Deleted node can't be added again
Nicolas CHARLES wrote in #note-1:
> Ha, a user on gitter reporting that doing
> [...]
> solved the issue
> can yo...
Jean Cardona


13:15 Rudder Bug #16851 (Resolved): Deleted node can't be added again
When adding a node, rudder checks deleted nodes and does not allow adding a node that matches deleted nodes. Jean Cardona


17:15 Rudder Bug #15272 (Resolved): Backup restore error
When following the restore instructions I get an error with the postgres restore: ... Jean Cardona
16:42 Rudder Bug #15271 (Released): Backup procedure documentation is incorrect
In the backup procedure in the documentation ( th... Jean Cardona


14:47 Rudder Bug #12535: Variable expansion in cron technique
Hello, sorry I missed the first notification.
I am certain I double checked the variable name and prefix.
Jean Cardona


21:29 Rudder Bug #12535 (Rejected): Variable expansion in cron technique
If I use a "generic variable definition" in a new cron entry, it is not expanded.
For example, this:...
Jean Cardona


17:33 Rudder Bug #10585 (Released): "Variable (String)" Directive in the Directive library does not use textarea
When using the "Variable (String)" Directive, the "Variable content" field is a text and not a textarea.
This makes ...
Jean Cardona


11:27 Rudder Bug #7328 (Released): Extra carriage return in policy_server.dat inventory failure
If in /var/rudder/cfengine-community/policy_server.dat there is more than 1 carriage return, sending inventory fails:... Jean Cardona


09:22 Rudder Bug #6429: service rudder-* outputs on stderror
If I want to redirect the output of ... Jean Cardona

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