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15:42 Rudder Bug #9200: The group technique should also manage /etc/gshadow
+1, I confirm the issue ;)
@/etc/gshadow@ is not updated when creating groups.
Rémi Verchère


09:22 Rudder Bug #9731: When editing a Technique with the Technique Editor, logs refer to UnknownRestUser for
same issue here. I can also see the following logs in git:...
Rémi Verchère


17:07 Rudder User story #7079: Dashboard display witout login
Actually we were using phantomjs to make some screenshot, using the SESSIONID of one user. But it does not work anymo... Rémi Verchère
17:03 Rudder User story #10577: Choose node behaviour before accepting it
François ARMAND wrote:
> A general, not at all (but really not at all) user friendly, workaround is to edit the LDAP...
Rémi Verchère


09:21 Rudder Bug #10582 (Rejected): No difference between enabled and disabled directive when filter is active
In the directive screen, when a directive is disabled, it appears in italic on the left panel.
But when ...
Rémi Verchère


22:13 Rudder Bug #10580 (Rejected): Cannot mix audit/enforce mode on directives based on the same technique
I'm trying to do the following:
- Use the global audit mode
- Having a directive based on the technique "File dow...
Rémi Verchère
21:49 Rudder Bug #10579 (Rejected): Sudoers directive gives an error in Audit mode
When I use the Sudoers directive, I get an error in Audit mode:...
Rémi Verchère
18:58 Rudder Bug #10578: Cannot add node property when audit message is mandatory
FYI, same behaviour/error when I try to modify the policy mode for a node, but withour explanations.
1. On the web...
Rémi Verchère
17:33 Rudder Bug #10578 (Released): Cannot add node property when audit message is mandatory
When "Make message mandatory" is set in the global configuration, I cannot add a property to a node.
I get th...
Rémi Verchère
17:39 Rudder User story #7079: Dashboard display witout login
I'm also interested ;) Rémi Verchère

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