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Incorrect message on import

Added by Florian Heigl 9 months ago. Updated 10 days ago.

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When importing a technique exported by NCF
NCF says: "This technique has been deleted while you were away" ( can now click save to save)

This message is incorrect, unless we really restore a deleted technique from an export after someone deleted it while we were away.

That is not the common case. Meaning, in the common case we're suconsciously told to not trust the editor.

Maybe it is possible to change the message to one that is more ambiguous, but also covers more cases.

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Has duplicate ncf - Bug #17870: Incoherent message when importing a techniqueRejectedActions

Updated by François ARMAND about 1 month ago

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The message should be different for imported techniques and one that were deleted by an other user.

I propose:

This technique was imported but isn't saved yet. Please click on save button to do so.

Updated by François ARMAND about 1 month ago

  • Has duplicate Bug #17870: Incoherent message when importing a technique added

Updated by Raphael GAUTHIER about 1 month ago

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