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Refactor the system techniques by component

Added by Félix DALLIDET about 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

System techniques
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Currently the system techniques are not designed to be split. This is more and more a problem if we want to be able to manage easily each rudder component in a separated way.
We should try to refactor the current techniques and organize them by Rudder role and service: root/relay/agent and apache/relayd/jetty/slapd/agent.

Subtasks 29 (0 open29 closed)

Architecture #19038: Add a Rudder relay system techniqueReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19089: Add a Rudder webapp system techniqueReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19103: Add a Rudder postgres system techniqueReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19452: Fix several typos with the new technique versionReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19105: Add a Rudder slapd system techniqueReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19121: Cleanup apache_acl bundle in the system technique DistributePolicyReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19122: Shared-files folder is configured in several common bundleReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19522: Split the server-roles technique in the new system techniquesReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19546: Update initial policies with the new system techniquesReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19548: Parent task did not force python version to generate the initial policiesReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19549: Make the initial policies generator compatible with older python versionsReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19551: Missing in initial promisesReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19552: Update the initial promises bundle sequenceReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19553: Initial policies generator uses rmtree options that are only available for python 3.8+ReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19554: Fix some small issues with new initial-policiesReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Architecture #19556: Modify the internal rules and directives at install time to support the new system techniquesReleasedFrançois ARMANDActions
Architecture #19561: Add allowed networks to new bootstrap of system techniquesReleasedFélix DALLIDETActions
Architecture #19564: Change allowed network set-up in rudder-initReleasedFélix DALLIDETActions
Architecture #19560: Rename the AUTHORIZED_NETWORKS parameter used in the common system techniques.ReleasedNicolas CHARLESActions
Architecture #19568: Correct rudder bootchecks to match new structureReleasedFélix DALLIDETActions
Bug #19570: Normalize system technique, directive, rule namesReleasedFélix DALLIDETActions
Bug #19572: Rename system techniques according to normalized schemeReleasedFélix DALLIDETActions
Bug #19575: Update initial promises generationReleasedFélix DALLIDETActions
Bug #19580: Bad name for common in initial promisesReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Bug #19582: Missing input lists in initial promisesReleasedFélix DALLIDETActions
Architecture #19576: Add system configuration object for scale-out-relay pluginReleasedNicolas CHARLESActions
Architecture #19642: Adapt code to scale-out-relay in rudder 7 ReleasedAlexis MoussetActions
Bug #19590: Passwords are not correctly set in rudder 7.0ReleasedFélix DALLIDETActions
Bug #19595: passwords are not correctly updated by system techniquesReleasedAlexis MoussetActions

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