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Can not delete custom Active techniques category

Added by Alex Tkachenko over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

Web - Config management
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This issue was first discovered in 2.8.1 and I kind hoped that it may be addressed in 2.9.2, but unfortunately it is still present.

If I create a custom category, it is added into the LDAP tree as far as I could tell with correct attributes (see below), but when I try to delete it via the web interface, it prints in red "Error when deleting the categoy" (misspelled too) and the category remains. The file /var/log/rudder/webapp/*stderrout.log shows the message:

[2014-01-17 10:38:50] ERROR com.normation.rudder.web.components.TechniqueCategoryEditForm - Error when deleting user lib category with ID ActiveTechniqueCategoryId(b8772d1f-201f-4d9c-b876-49b850ee03cd): The given entry is not of the expected ObjectClass 'techniqueCategory'. Entry details: Entry(dn='techniqueCategoryId=b8772d1f-201f-4d9c-876-49b850ee03cd,techniqueCategoryId=systemSettings,techniqueCategoryId=Active Techniques,ou=Rudder,cn=rudder-configuration', attributes={Attribute(name=techniqueCategoryId, values={'b8772d1f-201f-4d9c-b876-49b850ee03cd'})})

However, if I query the LDAP directly it shows that the object has the requested Object Class:

# /opt/rudder/bin/ldapsearch -LLL -H ldap://localhost -x -W  -D "cn=Manager,cn=rudder-configuration" -b "cn=rudder-configuration" "techniqueCategoryId=b8772d1f*" 
Enter LDAP Password: 
dn: techniqueCategoryId=b8772d1f-201f-4d9c-b876-49b850ee03cd,techniqueCategory
 Id=systemSettings,techniqueCategoryId=Active Techniques,ou=Rudder,cn=rudder-c
techniqueCategoryId: b8772d1f-201f-4d9c-b876-49b850ee03cd
objectClass: techniqueCategory
objectClass: top
isSystem: FALSE
cn: test

BTW, is it possible to specify the TechniqueCategoryID during creation, so it uses some descriptive name instead of a long string of chars?

I am sorry for not providing any suggested fixes (I usually try to :) but getting through the scala code is out of my league at the moment :)

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Hello Alex,

I'm looking to that.

For the ID, I fear we didn't thought of that option. Our idea was that IDs should have the least possiblities of overlapping (think for example to the use of several Rudder server, with information exchange between them like in dev/preprod/prod, etc), and so we used UUIDs.

The use of the technique name / description is not sufficient ? The problem is when you look in LDAP or in the git, is it that ?

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Updated by Alex Tkachenko over 10 years ago

I guess it would be fine to have an auto-generated ID if I don't have to go to LDAP to delete the category manually, as this is the only time when I have the hard time locating it :) Can not speak for git though, but so far I did not run into necessity to look into that directly.

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This bug has been fixed in Rudder 2.6.11, which was released today.
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