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14:17 Rudder Bug #13290: Broken reporting when copying a directory from the Rudder server without specifying the trailing / in the destination
The (simple) workaround is just to add the trailing "/" in the path in the directive.


08:55 Rudder Bug #12223: Transient policy generation error at upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3
Upgrading the user visibility on this because several first time users install one version then try to upgrade and hi...


17:10 Rudder Bug #3814: Attempting to install a non-existant package via yum should return an error (RHEL <= 5)
According to Alexis this only happens on RHEL <= 5.
17:02 Rudder Bug #2411 (Rejected): CFEngine doesn't expireafter when installing a package
Since #2478 was fixed, this no longer actually has any impact in Rudder. It may be of concern to plain CFEngine users...
16:59 Rudder Bug #1991 (Rejected): When a node has not a correct time configuration, the reports are not correct
It is a documented prerequisite for Rudder that all nodes must have correctly configured clocks, and preferably a tig...
16:39 Rudder Bug #10751: Add a warn message when agent run is incomplete
Florian Heigl wrote:
> M| State Technique Component Key Messa...


12:30 Rudder Architecture #10004: Rudder Agent on ARM
Hi! It's good to know there's interest for this agent - we will make sure to publish a testable package for Raspbian/...
10:39 Rudder Bug #10659: Node search input field are tiny and a nightmare to use
Objectively, this does not *prevent* use, it hinders it, so changing severity to Minor. We must be careful not to abu...


00:33 Rudder Bug #10274: Weird appearance of sub section in doc in Rudder 4.x
Sorry, this should still be assigned to Nico for feedback.
18:40 Rudder tools Bug #10650 (Pending release): Document where to get rudder-dev in the GitHub repo
Applied in changeset commit:rudder-tools|909d64e55092b042e1a6c25cec397cd28c03e409.

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